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Right there with you on that! My dad was an excellent cook, and my mom was a partner in a catering business...my sis inherited all of their combined skills, leaving me with the trailer trash genes of our poor Irish and German ancestors. I burn everything, all the time, to the point where our dog was able to walk back his fears first from the smoke detector going off, to finally shaking and quaking even just when he sensed the oven was hot. I hate cooking, the prep time for good, healthy meals feels like an all-day slog, and when completed the dishes never looks like the cook book example, ever. Over the years I've defaulted to "pot meals", like pot lasagna, where I just throw all the sauce, noodles, veggies, cheeses and meat in at the same time and let it stew. Fortunately, both of my sons inherited the "great chef" genes, so when they get sick of my cooking they whip up some fabulous authentic ethnic meal with balanced nutrition and delicate flavors and we all get a break from the flavored glue I generally put out. We need to win a lottery, so we can hire professional chefs.

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