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Oh no -- I am sorry, that sounds quite dreadful. My DH has some kind of neuropathy in his legs (I don't think it's the same kind, or as constant), and -- not good.

At the risk of offering assvice ... some time ago I broke an arm (er, one of my own!) really badly and after the resultingly necessary surgery found a TENS unit really helpful in managing the pain. You can google it, basically it uses very mild electrical stimulation to trick/distract your nerves. No idea if that would be useful for what you're experiencing but in case it may be somewhat helpful (will not, in my experience, help you sleep better, but conversely, can be used with Amitriptyline and anything else, as far as I know, since, you know, a different tool and thus not going to interfere).

Hi, Love!

I have had neuropathy since my many months hospitalization in 2003/4 from my second trimester loss.

I didn't even understand that I had it or that it was developing, because in the 12 times I was hospitalization for infection and "retained products of conception" (aka my baby and placenta), which calcified, I was dosed on crazy high morphing to keep the pain of my uterus under control.

Turns out that one kid the meds was responsible. It started in my toes, went up my legs and at a certain point started I. My finger tips and went up my arms.

Lovely. I just thought I had parts of my body "tingling" (actually more like burning on fire) from being bed bound. And it felt like tingling because I was on morphine. And benedryl and Xanax and Ativan and three antibiotics, and fluids. And I kept having veins blow until the PICC line.

Turned out that when I released for home nurse care, and with only Percocet, the tingling was that NEVER ending burning.

We tried neurologists - who told me it was impossible. Guess where I found my answers! In HIV/AIDS boards where people had similar symptoms from long antibiotic/anti fungal meds.

I was told, NOPE, there is only one case in the journals (actual books) of one man in Japan.

It was the most invalidating time in my life, when you take out infertility, miscarriages, and the why does my UTERUS HURT DO MUCH???

I am so sorry to hear you now share this with me too in a way. Gabapentin (Neurontin) was one of the only meds that ever helped. I finally gave up, and have my brain set to override. But my PTSD and anxiety are insane.

I wish your med had worked for me. But if it helps, gorgeous, I understand. I am so sorry.


I have fibromyalgia and I also have neuropathy thanks to my immune system loving to munch of my peripheral and central nervous system. The Lyrica I used to take for my fibro helped significantly. It is related to gabapentin (Neurontin) both of which could help with neuropathic pain. Cymbalta (an antidepressant) or amitriptyline supposedly can help too. Thankfully since baby #3, my immune system is a little better suppressed and I have been able to live without Lyrica. Nerve pain is the worst though- it is a true torment. Just as bad as my fibro!

Hi there

My 5 cents worth, Co enzyme 10 helps tremendously in getting the meds to work. Also helps the liver to process the medication. My "burny feet" have gotten immensely better since starting with it.
Also, don't put your feet in cold water, use tepid to warm water for relief. The shock of the cold turns those receptors on.

Feel better

S xx

Long-time lurker here, but now there's something I actually know about!

I also have small fiber neuropathy (plus other fun stuff) as a result of a very bad Lyme Disease infection. My neuropathy shows as either pain/burning or complete numbness. For me, the combo of amitryptaline and gabapentin have really, really helped. For some reason my balance is off as a result, but it's a trade-off I'm willing to live with. I wasn't planning to be a tightrope walker anyhow.

I hope your feet feel better soon.

if you don’t say something out loud then it isn’t really real...loved that one

How awful! I have chronic feet pain but it's self induced (hockey, clumsy, many surgeries) and I don't wish this on anyone.

Keep doctoring up. There must be something one of these educated professionals can do to solve this.

I'm really sorry.

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