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But do you KNOW if it bothers Fatty Pants? He might see it as a game too.

Max will be fine.

Oh hugs! Crying in the bathroom happens to us all. This parenting is tough stuff!!! No one tells you that part.

He is doing what he knows how to do. I have no idea where you would find it but there are classes in friendship skills. I imagine that he has no idea how to engage in a positive way and he wants to interact.

Relating so much. Especially: "I love him dearly, but I am not blind to his social inadequacies."
In some strange way you have to appreciate Max's logic that it's fun when the boy chases him!

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Shame Tertia. I can relate on every level. Ethan would go up to kids he didn't like and tell them to stop talking so loudly because they're irritating and stupid, or that they must stop smiling because he doesn't like to stare at their teeth!! Or that their jokes are stupid and not funny!! Delightful. BUT Don't you worry, because he will find that special someone and make a very good friend that will understand him and help him. It took Ethan 11 years but let me tell you he finally found a best friend. A friend that encourages him, tells him whats rude and whats not, tells him how better to talk to other kids, protects him from bullies at school. Max's BFF is out there, they just need to find each other. Patience is a virtue. He'll get there :-) I have the utmost faith. Just look at how far he's come already. Can you imagine what he'll be capable at 10 years old!
He'll make you cry tears of joy. I assure you xxxxx Sending love.

He has autism. High functioning. Get him checked.

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