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I live in the United states and it is very common here for nannies to bring their children to work with them. My nanny brings her son with her and it results in a very happy nanny, a happy me, and happy children of both my nanny and me who have gained friendship and compassion in spades. Since it has worked so well for these few days and Max likes him, I suggest you give this American practice a try!

I am an occupational therapist with additional training in swallowing. From what you are describing Lwando probably should be assessed for a feeding tube (g-tube, gastro-enteral tube) that he could receive liquid feedings through. If he is swallowing safely (determined by a swallow study) then he could continue eating orally when feasible but it would not have to be such a huge part of the day and might make finding a caregiver easier.

I know with the health systems this may be difficult but it really might help him greatly. I suspect swallowing is an issue anyway and if that is true eating (at a minimum certain foods) may be dangerous for him as it can go to the lungs and cause pneumonia.

I wish I could scoop Happiness and Lwando up and take them to the hospital where I go where nobody is turned away for inability to pay, yet it is one of the top hospitals in the world.

What Karen said! Of course I don't know what her responsibilities are in your home but since your kids are older it seems feasible. It's a very common arrangement in the states because nannies and childcare are so expensive - even though people who work in childcare are low paid its still a huge cost for one family. There's no way a nanny would be able to afford daycare for her own child - it would eat up her whole salary.

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