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We kept Aaron back too, mostly for emotional readiness. He was also leaps ahead in Math etc. Its made the world of difference for him.

Oh Tertia.. I love his picture!! makes me smile too :) My son is turning 5 this week and this year his favourite colour is brown (because his best friend is brown - cute hey :) ) so every picture he draws of any person is brown from head to toe!! :D :D

Oh my. I see so many similarities between our boys. B is six, so he is the oldest in his class. Friends kept asking if I was going to push to have him start school early. NOPE. I knew he wasn't ready. He is also great is math and the physical skills but the fine motor are still behind. At least he's picking up a pencil this year. Art is also his least favorite. My heart hurt when I saw the other pictures compared to his. I came home saying, "I do want my child to see things his own way and he his own happy person BUT every once in a while it would be nice to see his pictures look like everyone else's just so I know he COULD if he wanted to." I doubt B will stay behind but we're going to have to up our fine motor skills to get where he should be. I had hoped he would naturally catch up, but it doesn't appear to be so.

Tertia, I know exactly how you feel. Liam was diagnosed with Aspergers this year, after also having major speech delays. He was still drawing with a fist grip as of July, and his version of himself was a circle with a head and feet that took up a whole page. Something just clicked a few months ago, and overnight he was drawing cars, small groups of people with facial features etc etc. His new OT had started to do a lot of head, neck and core stability exercises and maybe it released something in his brain. He is starting Grade 1 in Jan and I am terrified. Emotionally he is still very immature, but intellectually he needs the extra stimulation (He is hyperlexic as well, and can read almost as well as his 11 yr old brother) so Nursery school just wont cut it. I guess we wait and see how next year goes, the school he is going to is an inclusive school that takes kids with ADHD and kids on the spectrum, so there will be a wide range of abilities.

One of my nephews was held back a year by his parents...also not because of his intellectual abilities, they just thought he needed the extra year to mature emotionally. You do what is best for your child.

Tertia, you're doing the right thing. I'm glad that you're seeing the best in your child and celebrating what he can do and acknowledging his limits.

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