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That moment when your heart wants to sing and explode at the same time with every emotion you are feeling. Then the tears just flow and your heart swells. It's completely overwhelming. Well done Max!! Way to go!

Oh I so get it - with Leon it's exactly the same

Way to go, Max!! Proud Mama Moments xx

Max is a beautiful boy. And lucky to have two great parents, siblings, grandparents, family and wonderful trained professionals who love him and can help him and support him.

Great to know Max is doing so well, thank you for letting us know!

I have never posted a comment but wanted to say "I get it!" to this post. I have followed your blog for several years now. Your blog is what got me through some of the most difficult years of my life. You truly "got" infertility in a way that most people never could and you were able to write about it in such a way that I was able to send links to my family and friends to your posts about surviving infertility. My own father never really came close to "getting it" until he cried reading one of your posts. It was truly life changing and I will be forever grateful for your willingness to share your story. Fast forward to now after my own 7 year struggle with infertility, including 4 miscarriages and multiple IUIs and IVFs, and the subsequent births of my two amazing children (now ages 3 and 4), I am once again in a position to relate to your story. I knew my son was different from birth when he would not make eye contact. I am a speech pathologist so I started speech/language and OT services as soon as I could. He currently has a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder and I go back and forth on a future autism diagnosis (really Asperger's if the diagnosis still existed). With therapies he has come farther than I thought possible and I know exactly that feeling you speak of, that swelling with pride and joy, when my son does something new that I feared would never be possible. I still have many fears, similar to yours. I really just want him to be happy and for the world to see his many gifts. I am sorry you are having to walk this road after such a battle with infertility. You are a very strong person!! Clearly Max is beyond lucky to have you for a mom. Thank you again for continuing to share your story! Yay for Max!

I think it is important for us as parents to appreciate all those small moments. But I am so happy for you that these good moments are happening with Max. All your village hard work is paying off.

Great job Max! It is such an amazing moment to see your child getting it, and swimming is a particularly lovely one to watch because it comes all of a sudden, they just get it. Happened with both my kids, one day they just got it. Even more so if you had three years of lessons in the background, it is a very happy moment.

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