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I felt anxious for him too but I'm sure that salary (paid in dollars) will help ease his discomfort (hee, hee)

Poor Trevor Noah has some pretty big shoes to fill, so it will probably take some time for him to find his own voice and stamp on The Daily Show. That being said, I think he's done a fine job his past two nights and look forward to seeing where he goes with things. It doesn't hurt that he's not hard on the eyes either. So don't worry- you're boy has at least one American rooting for him.

HAHAHAHAAAAA. You are very, very odd. But you're not alone - I was up at 2am googling reviews of his debut and at 4am when the baby woke Jon up through the monitor I proceeded to tell him that it was ok, shew, the Americans seemed to like Trevor and that he should be fine after all. And then I saw someone tweet that Trevor Noah was a terrible host and they TAGGED HIM IN THE TWEET! HOW RUDE! I was very worried for his feelings. Even though he put on a very strange American twang here and there, which I didn't think was necessary.

I'm also an emotional sponge. During pregnancy Jon banned my family from telling me any drama whatsoever because I would just sit in a lump and cry for them, not provide any solutions or support or anything like that, I was useless, I'd just cry. For days.

Anyway. My oddness recognizes yours and says whattup.

Having a lot of intense emotions is a good thing, if only most people had high empathy- the world would be a much nicer place. Seems to me that psychopaths can make non-human decisions which get them promoted until they have high office.
Being highly sensitive myself, and unfortunately infertile (numerous treatments for years that failed to produce a pregnancy, let alone a 'live birth') have made me very self-protective. I focus on worrying about me and 'suiting myself' by writing play, poetry - anything! I gave up work and hanging around with other moms because I just cannot function well when the subject of kids/siblings/'how annoying my kids are yet I love them with all my heart' comes up which is like every 3 minutes with other women of a certain age.
I think you can make a conscious choice to disengage with areas of discomfort (worrying about strangers and others kids in your case) because you ultimately have to protect yourself. How can you put on your child's oxygen mask if you haven't put yours on first? I also wonder if your meds are being interfered with by your Chardonnay consumption?! I stopped drinking beer and redwine because it got int he way of my mood altering medication. I take anti-depressants because I couldn't have the family I wanted and Im not OK with that and I know deep down I will always be unhappy because I wasn't fucking 'blessed' with 2/3 children.
Therapy is amazing for helping you focus on what's important Tertia- like your own family and work, and techniques for stopping anxious thoughts and allowing yourself to be upset/angry/honest over real issues that affect you.
Take it easy!
Not that you can....!

I hear you loud and clear. I have also been stressing about him!!! I cannot fathom why ANYONE would want to do this to themselves. Move to another country and take on a massive position like that - all so in the limelight! It makes me shake with anxiety!!

I hear you on the world cup thing, except for me it's the losing teams. I always feel SO bad for the losing team/person in sport. Shame man - they have played their heart out and they have been pipped at the post. It actually takes the joy of winning away from me!

Sheesh! It sucks to be us!

oh for pete sake. now I am worrying about him - in fact I am going to double worry so he does not lose out on your share.

I watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and as someone else said, Trevor Noah has big shoes to fill. That said, he is doing a great job and time will truly tell how he will do long-term. People who have already given him poor reviews need to give him time to settle in and they need to pull the stick out of their bum. Also, except for the accent, I don't see him as much different than any other host on TV.

Ha ha ha Tertia Loebenberg- I love you and your oddness!! Friends like you make life so full of rainbow colours x

Your worries sound very much like my son Nathan who has ASD. People seem to think that if you are autistic that you don't have empathy, but I have found that when it comes to my son the exact opposite is true. He worries and is anxious so much for other people and sometimes even inanimate objects. He used to run from the room while watching his favorite show (The Wonder Pets) because the last leaf fell off of a tree and he was afraid it was going to die. Not just a tree, but a CARTOON tree, in an episode where he knew that the tree turned out ok in the end. So I totally get you worrying about Trevor Noah. :) I, for one, absolutely adore your oddness and your total honesty in sharing it with us.

I know exactly what you feel, world cup was the same for me, I worried until Bafana was out of the world cup, I stressed so hard about the Boks first game last week or so I got a headache, and mind you, I am not sports fan. Trevor Noah will be the death of me, I tell you, for exactly the same reason. I can't promise that I will only focus on myself, tried that didnt work, so maybe I need to see a therapist, cause the one thing all of this anxiety is not making me do is be a thinner trimmer version of myself, cause that would have been a nice bonus.

Well, Chickenpig had already answered the question I was going to ask about autism and lack of empathy!

Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share so that we can better understand you!

OMG. I am in a real trench of worrying about other people's potentially hurt feelings...and what horrible things may result from those feelings. I feel like I can't talk to anyone without looking back on the conversation and wondering if I may have said something that hurt them. Ugh. I hate it. Is there a name for this? A fix? It's making me not want to engage with people :(

I can relate to a lot of this, especially about pranks. I absolutely cannot bear seeing or hearing of someone deriving pleasure from making someone else look foolish. I have always wondered whether something was wrong with me (because I don't think it's funny at all) or with everyone else (seriously, how can people think that is funny?).

I am a white American woman and also fret about Trevor Noah. We have absolutely no point of connection, but I worry about him. Weird.

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