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That pictures is just precious, a real treasure if there ever was one.

I have these same feelings at the oddest moments. Today is significant for me because my first miracle baby turned 13!!! I not only have a child, but I have a TEENAGER! I recently read through all my old online journals from when I was still struggling to conceive and then through my first pregnancy and ultimate birth of this girl-child who is now a teen and it was just as emotional reading through the blog as it brought up all those very deep, sad emotions. Yes, the hurt is deep, but like all pain, it has subsided to a distant memory on most days when I am busy just being a mom. But the thrill of "being a mom" has never gone away and I do think about it almost daily -- that I AM a mom.

Oh my gosh. I absolutely ADORE Kate's picture of you guys. That needs to be framed!!

Love the drawing. Did you notice you are the only one talking?

What a superb picture! She is quite an artist!

Lovely, lovely picture! I still remember when you were anxious about the water temperature in the motherhood pool ;-) and it's been a pleasure and a privilege to see your children grow up from afar. You're doing a wonderful job - as a mother and as a blogger.

You have made me cry! I wished for you a baby so hard what seems so long ago. Thank you for being a good Mom.

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