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I could have wrote this. Seriously.

Wow, I don't know how you put up with that. What kind of person puts a flat item in a round bottomed container?

This made me laugh out loud as it could have been written by me. Why is it that these obvious and basic rules that we intrinsically know are lost on "THEM"? GRRR

Is nothing sacred?

The horror! The HORROR! I hope you had a nice glass (or two) of wine to help ease your pain. Perhaps accompanied by a nice slice of leftover pizza? I say anything in your round bowls automatically becomes your property. Eat/use/dispose of these items as you see fit! Best of luck.

42 years in the marital trenches and the husband still does not understand my "towel protocol". I have learned to hang "decoy" towels in the bathroom up to the very last second before company comes, because he always, ALWAYS takes a shower in the pristine bathroom right before they arrive (only one bathroom in our house). But he thwarts me by also trimming his eyebrows and any other facial hair at the last minute, so there is a mess of tiny hairs all over the sink and vanity. And no one has loved Tupperware over the years more than I and I am down to just a few random pieces. I raised 3 sons who didn't understand Tupperware either, and most of my pieces were lost or mistreated in some way. Even when I switched to off-brand plastic containers, I periodically have to go purge bottoms with no lids and lids with no bottoms. And now, finally, we are giving up plastic altogether in favor of glass, but I frequently find jars with no lids. Lids with no jars, I could understand (breakage), but jars with no lids? A mystery.

Is no one going to ask the obvious question? Tupperware is for sealing and storing. Why do you need to eat your cereal out of a lidded Tupperware bowl? Why not just a regular bowl from the cupboard? Unless you need to transport your cereal to another location, I'm going to have to side with Marko and say that his is a more appropriate use of Tupperware--though I will admit that a bowl is an odd choice for pizza storage.

I do concur with Kristin that the use of a Tupperware bowl to eat cereal out of is not clear to me. However, I will sympathize with you on the leftover pizza storage debacle. My husband will store several pieces of leftover pizza in a large glass bowl. wtf. All on top of each other, with the top of some pieces sticking to the bottom of others, and with them all curved up the sides of the bowl. Which of course renders them inedible. Doesn't he know that you should place them in a large Ziploc bag in a single layer? Or if layering is utterly necessary, then placing waxed paper inbetween? It's amazing he made it to 48 without that knowledge. I know your struggle.

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