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OMG - the towel thing! THIS! What is it with men and NOT ADHERING TO THE TOWEL SYSTEM RULES. *Throws hands up and makes disparaging >ptah!< noise*

Tertia, I went back and read the towel post. What is a day towel and a night towel? I have all the other towels in my system too. Marko reminds me of my husband.

I love his towel system btw :) :)

Yes, my husband is also the first person who wouldn't put up with my shit, and that sealed the deal for me. Can't believe anyone would feel sorry for Marko. Anyone can see you are the PERFECT wife and your culinary prowess is unsurpassed.

I. LOVE. THIS. POST. You two are totally different and perfectly suited. You are adorable. Now more about the kids, please! :)

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