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Jeepers that is such awesome news. Congratulations on the purchase of a new home. That is a big deal - always. No matter who you are!

I totally hear you on the financial divide. I am by no means a wealthy South African, we struggle to get by each month, school fees and electricity bills literally break us - BUT - we have a house and 2 cars and I have a well paying job...........and for that, I am grateful on a daily basis.

It breaks my heart almost every day that things are so skewed in our country. :-(

Good luck with the move!

Good luck with the move Tertia....I LOATHE MOVING....our last move was literally around the corner from an apartment to a row house and it took me weeks to unpack. I also made sure we moved into a freshly painted and CLEAN house....the cleaning lady spent 4 days cleaning up after the paint guys.

Congratulations ! I'm sure the new house will create even more beautiful memories for you and the bambinos....and it's great that you take care of Happiness too....you are a wonderful person to help her out.

I was finally able to read this and am so so happy for and proud of you. Your writing on the subject of your move, of purging and cleaning, of how other people live (no matter what one has, taking care of it is paramount), and of abundance and helping others in any manner but especially in one that has an impact on their lives NOW.

I can't wait to see pictures. How absolutely fun and fortuitous for you and your family!

Moving is evil.

I love my new place, but the whole moving process is evil.

Congrats on the move next door! All your tips are helpful and will definitely come in handy once we decide when our family is moving! Greetings

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