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Liam and I have just finished reading a kid's biography of Anne Frank and a graphic novel of her diary. He asked lots of good questions for an 8 year old. I even learnt a lot about the family. Worthwhile reading for Kate and Adam.

Munich is beautiful! When we emigrated from south africa we lived in Munich for a year. Be sure to try and visit garmisch partenkirchen and Rothenburg ob der Tauber (which is on the romantic rd). Eat the white sausage, its the best!!!

What an experience! One must never forget. Did you go to the little cemetery your mum mentioned?

Those white sausages are scary looking. There is a saying that the sausages should not be allowed to hear the church bells' noon chime and eaten as a snack between brekkie and lunch. Usually because there are no preservatives used and they also will turn a slight grey colour when boiled because there are no nitrates in it. Served with sweet honey and a bretzel. Enjoy!

My fav whenever in Munich is a brekkie coffee, drink or lunch on the terrace of the Reitschule - the riding school. Close to the English Garden for a stroll after.

Is Marco off to the BMW museum while you are at the conference?

If you like art and museums then the Neue Pinakothek Museum is good. There is also the old/Alte and Modern Pinakothek.
Have a great time!

BTW Sunday opening hours don't exist in Germany. And we can also get nabbed in HK for jay walking!

Hm, you missed out on trying Weisswurst mit suessem Senf - the white sausage with sweet mustard that you mentioned. It is delicious. You must have seen very little of Munich - it is actually a very beautiful city. Interesting situation with the police man. First off, it is VERY unusual to be caught in such a situation. Basically, we Germans cross the roads at the red light all the time - but we do make sure there is no police car around. We also stop in front of the zebra stripes... In terms of the cops, when I compare our German ones with the Northamerican ones, the Northamerican ones are way, way, way scarier. You will not have those orifice searches they do in the US for some minor wrong-doing. In fact, I did not know what orifice searches are until somebody told me in the States. And please don't judge a person by his grumpiness. Yes, Bavarian cops can be very grumpy. But they will remain correct. And they don't wear tazers. And they don't shoot obviously schizophrenic people 8 times in the back in the streetcar and then tazer them after they are dead (happened here in Toronto not a long time ago). And to tell you, had Marco walked away from an US cop, there would have been some consequences. If you are unlucky, you might get arrested in such a situation. Meaning, handcuffed and thrown in jail. Here in Ontario they are having huge discussions that the police has a computer list of incidents where people are not being convicted. Just being involved in certain situations. For example, having being accused of something where the police got involved but later did not get convicted. But now the person is on their list. And then, when this person asks about a police certificate, he won't get cleared because he is on that list. Such things would never happen in Germany. Police here scares me in Northamerica. In Germany, I trust them. I have had many encounters with them working as an internist in ER's. They are good people - but often grumpy...

Munich is beautiful, the town has stunning old buildings, there's a huge park, etc. and since you're in Bayern you must go to Schloss Neuschwanstein, the most beautiful castle I have visited. Someone mentioned Rothenburg ob der Tauber, I love that place and visited often growing up but not sure how close it is to Munich, we drove from the west of Germany and you're in the east. anyways, the food in Munich is not that great, if you have time drive or take a train to Baden-Wuerttemburg, it's the really beautiful scenic state and has the best food in the whole world, I am gonna be there I. 4 weeks n stuff my face with proper schnitzel n curry wurst n schweinelaende with spaetzle and croquettes and meat salad and tomatoes that taste like sweet tomatoes not South African crap. Go to a supermarket there like Rewe and buy caramel movenpick yoghurt, or any yoghurt just taste it n see the difference from South Africa. I jay walk when I'm in Germany, once it wa at night after a fest and no cars anywhere in sight n the Germans shouted at me "heyyyyy" but wtf it's okay then, just no jay walking if cars around. I once got picked up by German police n drove me home to show ID checking if I was a serial killer Lol.

Enjoy. And make sure to go to a nice Fest while there. And carbs don't count while you're on holiday ;) try a potato bread roll with cold meats n mustard or cheese. that's a Kartoffelbroetchen in the bakery.

I'd move to Germany in a heartbeat if it weren't so cold 9 months out of the year :( I like the order, the rules, the punctuality, not much litter, etc and it's really beautiful. Always lots happening, I live in Durban. It's the dirty armpit of South Africa.

Your hubby is still hot.

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