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I have to say, Bryce could very well spend R120 on cake if he got a chance. He came home after the last cake-sale beside himself with excitement becuase one of the boys in the class bought A WHOLE CAKE and at the next cake sale HE was going to do that.

He never. Didnt have enough money. Poor child!

Our school reccomends R5 for the kids (its the ONE cheap thing about the school) and Hannah came home with R2 change. Bwahahaha. I have no idea where that child comes from.

That is hilarious. When you said that you gave Adam an extra R100, my first thought was that I could never have been trusted with that much money at a cake sale at his age. So, the end of the story made me feel a bit better about my young self. So, thank you!

(I HATE going away too, unless my family is with me. You have my sympathy.)

Ha, too funny. I can totally see a kid doing that with extra funds stashed in the wallet!

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