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And that real cricket ball is a broken window waiting to happen!

This is how we resolved the expensive light saber that can be used as a real weapon issue:


We have tons around (we gave them out as a party favor at my son's 5th Birthday) and my kids (age 5-11) all still whack each other with them for some fun.

What is a Darwin toy? I'm intrigued!

Ok, I'm sure you've read this - http://julia.typepad.com/julia/2013/10/virtue-re-somethinged.html. So why are you getting a Furby again?? Luckily Mitchell (probably similar to Max) will most likely be quite easy to please as far as gifts go. Branston got a VERY EXPENSIVE guitar for his birthday in October so knows not to expect too much.

Popping in to say hi after a very long time.... ! And to say that you will regret the Furby. That is all. xoh

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