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Tertia, I can't believe how big the twins are :) (I'm clearly getting old!)

Thinking the same thing about my family every single day. I am very aware of how close we were not to have these 2 beautiful children. This is a feeling that does not go away for me.

It is so nice to press pause every now and then, and soak it all up. We really do live in a beautiful country. (It is just such a pity about all our problems.)

Hope Sunday was just as good.

Love this!

So glad to read this. It does sound like a lovely day.

Such a pity the Flanders weren't there!

I am, as always, so happy for you, Tertia. I love reading this. I've been reading your blog since (maybe 2003-ish?) before Adam and Kate were born. It's hard to believe so much time has passed--and now you have Max too. :) It's beautiful (especially on this dreary cold-rainy USA autumn day!) to see your little ones together healthy and happily soaking up the sun. ♥

togetherness in the family does have a special meaning, as well as being the beginning of happiness

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