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This made me smile a lot :)
That energy and that loving nature of his is too special!

He's gorgeous and divine. I'm so glad that after everything you've been through, you got this sweet surprise.

Your love for him shines through in your writing. He looks like an absolute Cherub - I cant believe he is naughty for one single second. ;-)

This post made me cry. Such a special challenge and joy for you. I have a Max too, he is extremely sweet and loving. I baby him a lot too and I tell him stop growing so that I can hold him tighter and longer. Also, I have a colleague whose child used to be the "watched" one and then our daycare manager - a grea educator, IMO - kept advancing him to a higher grade even though he is younger than his peers. When he was 2.5 but in 3.5 yo room, he was suddenly the most loved one. My son shared last room with him and never had issues. So, your outlook of him fits this experience of mine. I share your optimism and love for him.

Tertia, I've followed you since the twins were a few months old (and I used to comment a lot but dang girl you don't post much anymore!) but popped over and saw this lovely post. I too, have a "Max" - a surprise conception after many years of heartache. He just happened. AFTER I TURNED 40. He just turned 5 and I baby the dickens out of him, I know. He still sucks his thumb and I think it is so precious. I have a hard time letting him grow up, and I too am besotted with him (although frankly he prefers his Daddy, the little twerp). Those surprise/post-IF/miracle babies are such a treasure to those of us that struggled so much for our other child(ren). I understand you completely on this!

Totally with you on this one. Jonah, at age 7, is still my baby and our umbilical cord is still very much attached. I say celebrate the fact that you have your babies for as long as possible. Soon, they'll be all big and stinky.

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