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LOL! No judging here. I think your post sums it up perfectly!

Oh my gosh ... You describe my life to a "T!". My kids make me so mad when they act like that. You are most definitely not alone!!

Oh yeah. That chaps my ass too! When you go out of your way to do something-many somethings!- nice for them and then they grouse or misbehave?!?! Drives me batshit.

Oooooooh, yeah. And two of mine are teenagers now, so double Ooooooooh yeah.

Ooh I hear ya... Just a smidge of gratitude would go a LOOONG way in my house. And they never get it. Even when I'm about to lose my rag and I REMIND my knucklehead about how much he has to be thankful for I STILL don't get any gratitude.

This is a great post. I am really bad at remembering to pin articles I liked or were helpful but I do have a board started.

You are NOT alone!! You are just a tad more eloquent than me.

I'll never forget another blog post that I read that was very similar to yours -- it was all about a mom who did everything for her child but at the end of the day they wanted to stop and examine a frog that had gotten squashed by the side of the road. She said "no" at that point. So whenever I'm in this situation, I always think -- in every day there will be a squashed frog. You drew the line. And no gratitude here either. Sigh.

I feel like days like that are a sign that I've been too accommodating recently. Like when they get everything they want, then they pitch a hissy when they don't get one thing they want (exaggeration). If they are more used to not always getting their way, there is less complaining. And then I also feel like that is my cue to do more of what I want to do because no one is going to be grateful if I go out of my way to make their life special and neglect myself. But in saying that I am not judging you or Adam--I have plenty of these moments myself and, yes, kids are also just ungrateful. And it is really hard to not give them the things they want when you can.

Think part of being a parent is that we just are expected to do things by the kids,especially when they are younger.......in there minds this is our job.
It does get better once they get older....well it did for me,but I still often have to remind the teens that Mom does like a bit of recognition now and again

I think you are doing just fab. I totally identify with what you are saying. From another mere mortal mother!

Agree with you totally! I know I'm not going to get thanks from my little kids now, so when they grumble about something, I tell them cheerfully that they can thank me when they are 30! And I hope they'll thank me when they are in their late 20s! :)

Kids will never understand the reason behind some of the decisions we make that affect them but that is not going to stop us from doing the best as parents and when they are responsible enough, they will realize that gratitude is just the least of the things to offer.

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