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13 years? Seriously?? You're still under the impression that you can fix him after 13 years???
It's time to give up. Your sanity requires that you give up.
Or at least divert....
He is not towel trainable. He is MAN (clearly indicated by his excellence in DIY). MAN is no good at towels!
Here's the diversion plan - every time he uses the wrong towel, you get to buy an expensive bottle of Chardonnay. The good quality bottle. No less than R85.00. (At least his towel failure will be put to good use!!!).

I understand all the differences between the towels, except for the day and night towels. What is the difference between a day towel and a night towel?

I am so relieved to read this, because I have many times been beyond enraged when my boyfriend uses my towels. I have two sets of a different color than any other towel in the house for myself, he can use ANY other towel, and some days he still uses mine. I was beginning to wonder if I was truly unreasonable.

I'm with Marko. I have two types of towels: gross-looking cleaning rags, and towels I use for everything else. Given, the washcloth-sized towels are quite small to use after a shower, but if someone wanted to use one as a bath towel, I wouldn't be bothered.

If it were important to my wife though, I would try to follow a towel system.

very funny (i mean the way you wrote the article)


I never realized that I have quite a few types of towels. However, there is only one thing I really want my hubby to learn: Put any wet towel back on the towel rack. Not on the floor, not on the bed, not on my pillow, not on wood, and not over the door. Just on the towel rack in HIS bathroom.

I hear you girl; I have been telling my husband what dates/times the city collects garbage (recycable, tree trimmings, organic, etc) for 2 years and he still asks EVERY Sunday: "what garbage container do I have to take out today??" ... But REALLY, do you have a towel system?? what is a night towel? no wonder you are always busy, busy, busy. There is a lot of shit to keep up with... :-)

I couldn't help but laugh. please pardon me for the laughter. Not to sound defensive though but believe me when I say that men have got a lot on their minds and learning a towel system is the least on that "to do list". Unless the situation poses a danger to a loved one, men are not going to easily commit to learning the intricacies of a harmless towel system.

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