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What channel is it on?

*Ahem* what about us Saffers? Is there anywhere locally we can watch too?


Tertia! Because of this 20/20 story that I only had on by coincidence I found your blog again! I'm a reader from way back - 2004/2005. I blogged during that time, and you were on my "blogroll." I read about your journey from Ben and Luke to Kate and Adam and then fell away from blogging. I re-entered blogging again in 2009 and have been blogging (mostly reading and lurking) since 2011. In that time, I never really came across your blog again.

Fast forward to tonight, and as the news story said "The pictures were from a blogger in South Africa..." I hopped up and ran to the TV - I KNEW you had to be the blogger they were about to feature, and you were. All the sudden your face, name, and blog name came tumbling back in my mind! I'm SO sorry this happened to you! Oh wow! You gave a great interview. They used a small amount, but it was good.

I've re-added you to my reader (do people still keep blog rolls? HA!). So glad I've found you again, just a bummer it is because of this story. So glad you have never stopped, and now....you have MAX??! You are a blessed woman! CONGRATS!

I'm so excited to be privy to your wit and honesty AGAIN. Take care!

Yes! You were definitely on the program ... very short, but definitely you! And pictures of Adam and Kate were briefly flashed on, too ... showing the photos on your blog and then on the "fake" blog ... So weird ...

I'm du-lurking (does anyone say that anymore?) to say I watched it & saw you too!

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