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I have the same problem, but have opted not to do anything about it. I just deal with the unfortunate blemishes and pretend I'm 13 again. However, if you can't help yourself and start picking at the pimples, Vitamin A/Retinol/anti-aging lotions help the skin heal more quickly. (I don't use those regularly, so I avoid the other side effects from using the products, like never going out in the sun. I just use them to speed healing.)

If it makes you feel any better, there seems to be a rash (ha!) of pimples going around the blogosphere/Facebookland. I had it a few weeks ago. Just the other day, both Jo & Cecily were complaining about zits...and the number of commiserators who chimed it about it on FB was rather stunning. So. You are in good company, at any rate.

I know nothing about treating acne, but I do know (from experience with 3 different bc pills) that the first couple of months on any pill tend to be awful as your body adjusts to the hormones.

I have tried so many things and you know what's finally clearing my skin up? Vitamin D supplements.

Yasmin is the WORST. I'd switch, I hate feeling like a hellbitch.

Go check out the site www.nono.co.za they have an acne zapper thingy, claims it works well. I was tempted to buy it but its a bit pricey. My acne is also flaring up again now, prob pregnancy related.

Yasmin is the only birth control pill I've been on and I hated it so much I haven't gone back on hormonal BC.

Also want to say that I absolutely love your honest and humorous approach to life. Love it. Your sentence, "Because you never know when acne might kill you" made my day. You are gorgeous and divine and no amount of pimples can change that.

Arsehole! Go off Yasmin and change to oralcon. Don't forget we save money and we love a bargain. No weight gain, perfect skin, MUCH less PMS. Unfortunately the desire to shag will become even less for you unless you re-read 50 Shades but I think those books only work the 1st time.

Topical clarimycin? Renova? I would rather treat the skin problem with a skin medication and skip the birth control altogether. But of course I am not a doctor...

The best stuff ever is called Exfoliac lotion from Dischem. It is basically like toner it's got AHA in it and you put it in problem areas at night. Works the bomb better then anything I've tried and I've tried them all, pill, anti b, acne washes, anti b lotions Eric. Another thing that helps heal quick is high frequency. Go to a reputable salon D'vine at end of Jop De Jäger and the will do a spot session. Good luck xxx

The same is happening to me at 39. Never had a problem with acne until I went off the pill last year. My options were to go on the pill again or to try Epiduo Gel. Not sure you have this in SA(I'm in Canada) but it's a topical gel with retinol and benzoyl peroxide.

Yasmin is known for terrible side effects. I actually thought that it had been recalled here in the US. If you want to try bc instead of something topical, I'd ask your gyno for oralcon as it's helped your sister. I still get the occasional pimple at 58 (post-menopause); wrinkles and pimples at the same time, so not fair.

I had this happen and tracked it down to a certain brand of sunblock. I still get mild spots after ovualation but nothing disfiguring. Moving to a child/allergy sensitive sunblock got rid of what I thought was adult acne.

I've had both teen acne which never went away and morphed into adult acne! Wahoo! I won't go into all the treatments I've had, but would urge you to go to the best dermatologist in town and attack the acne directly. Too many side effects from BC and there are lots of good acne treatments around now. Good luck!

My dermatologist put me on Spironolactone to control my adult acne. It is a wonder drug! Hardly a zit since I started taking it a couple of years ago and far better than birth control pills, not to mention way cheaper here in the US. It does something to regulate testosterone and is generally used to control a certain type of high blood pressure.

Dermatologist, might need a course of antibiotics and a damn good facial using Environ products regulary.

TERTIA. DUDE. This is happening to me! I've been fighting a chin breakout for over two months! OMG.

One thing that's working (and this is so weird): plain aspirin, dissolved in a bit of water, and used as a scrub. I know. But it takes the red down, at least. :)

The first month on Yasmin made me very grumpy and emotional. Fortunately after that things got better.

I recently also started breaking out after never having a problem before. The connection I made though was that it started after I took up running. I don't usually shower afterwards (gross, yes, but its after hours and who's gonna be smelling my armpits then anyways!) and I believe that all the sweating and not showering has contributed to the pimples. Best solution I've had is to use a facewash and not pick! Been clearing up nicely. Good luck.

Yasmin has been getting a really bad rap lately particularly relating to gall bladder issues. Personally I'd rather have a few zits than gallstones ;o)

PS: Any advice about what to do about the crop of lovely dark, coarse hairs that started sprouting from my chin and neck virtually the day after I turned 40? This aging thing really sucks :o(

Maybe give the antibiotic option a try if you're not a fan of the pill? I took a low dosage of Doxy for a few months and that kept the adult acne under control nicely

I got my dermatologist to prescribe a "tailor made" face cream for me so the pharmacist has to mix the compound each time I need a new tub of cream. Holy mother, it works like a charm! It does have a mild antibiotic in it, plus some non-comedgenic moisturizer plus some other stuff. My face have NEVER looked this nice even pre-adult acne!

Don't waste time with the pill, I wasted so much time trying different pills in my life for Acne. Seriously - Roaccutane. I honestly can't recommend that stuff enough, and I hate medicine, I don't even take a disprin for a headache. Throw your toys until the dermi gives it to you! You take it for like two months and you won't see another pimple for the next 10 years.

Why it has to be one of only 2 options, Tertia?? There are always more ways... Laser, diet, retin-A. Go to another dermatologist! I think we infertiles have messed with hormones enough for this lifetime (and maybe the next one). Besides, I had acne and was using the pill at the same time(otho tri cycle thou, triphasic; I don't know if it makes a difference in mood swings) for many years in my 20s; and horrible PMS! I would say no to Yasmin and treat the skin instead. That is what worked for me: monthly facials with someone that REALLY KNOWS what s/he is doing (it feels awesome, so no ugly duck feeling) and a daily routine which included non-abrasive products (such as benzoyl peroxide, which dries up the skin), all available by prescription. I wish I remembered all the creams but I only remember that there was a mild cleanser and toner and that the moisturizer had lots of retin-A (more than OTC) which is aswesome to stay wrinkle free! 2 in one! Be consistent for a few months and rule out anything new that could be affecting your skin, besides hormones.
I have been pimple free for 20 years and I would do the same thing if they come back.
Good luck!

Not sure if this will help - Dr Jonathan Smith, dermatologist close to Tygervalley put me on Purbac -The best thing EVER! Costs around R35 a month. You will need a script though

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