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welcome to the american healthcare system. i'm glad to see it's coming to south africa. you will find it as helpful, hopeful, and wonderful as we do in the states.

I agree 100%! Well said from a fellow AD user! :)

Well written and articulated - I agree!

Yes! You know what?! It's the stigma, that leads to concealment that in turn is the killer or in most cases, living just to survive. Screw that! I'm not just here to survive! And I'm not a second-rate citizen!

Yes!Yes!Yes! The fact that people feel shame for helping themselves, that really upsets me. So much ignorance about this subject...still.

Having to sign up for insurance with the mentioned exclusions despite getting a letter from the doctor stating mental competence?! Unacceptable!

Reminds me of the speech that Sheri Brynard did at the World Down Syndrome Conference whilst addressing the issue of discrimination, she said that "at least my problem has a name (Down Syndrome)" - stabbing at the many people who stand on the sidelines, high-brow, with their outdated textbook responses, while in reality they are the ones with the real problem, being blinded by their own lack of awareness and lack of understanding of the more subtle, yet salient issues. There should be a DSM-V classification for that kind of mental attitude - Generalised Awareness Disorder, or something of sorts!

Symptom of a cookie cutter society. A sad, sad reality.

That *is* F-ed up. And eerily reminiscent of the F-ed up system we have here in the US.

They should put this stuff in the water supply! I swear the majority of the population would benefit. Ignorant stone throwers! Continue being your fabulous proactive self x

I couldn't agree more! I've been on AD's long-term, and intend to continue forever if need be... only because it makes me feel "healthy" and "normal." You would think you'd get extra bonus points for that, rather than stigmas and penalties. Really makes me mad that we have to deal with that attitude here (in the U.S.), too. :-(

Hear hear! I will also take my AD's for the rest of my life if I have to, so that I can live a normal-ish(what is normal these days?), healthy-ish (I have a love affair with food) life. I actually call them my performance enhancing drugs. I have the term happy pills! AD's enhance your performance and allow you to be a normal person without there being blood on the walls (mine and my family's ;))

agree completely.. while there are lots of people sharing their stories and situations in an effort to broaden understanding that these are illnesses that require treatment like any other, we still have a long way to go before we get the same sort of acceptance as purely physical illnesses. thankyou for doing your part!

I'm not sure if you're aware, but not once in your list of achievements did you mention your children. Sure, you mentioned infertility, but not once did you mention the kids.

I am one of your biggest fans, Tertia but I sincerely worry where on your list your children come.

I'm all for personal success. I really am. I just worry at whose expense that success comes.

Hi Tertia, I also noticed that you didn't mention good mother as one of your achievements. Of course you are very successful but why didn't you say that you are proud of your kids? You should be.

Very well said!! I couldn't agree more. :)

Medical Aids are *FULL* of it. I had constant issues with getting my ADHD meds. Aside from the cost of just having the medical aid (which as you know runs to thousands for a family of 4) I was paying about R1700 a month just to get my meds/and the prescriptions. Sorry to wave the expat flag here, but now that we're in the UK? It's all free. I asked the doctor that I saw what it would cost, and he said, "Oh, most prescriptions cost a maximum of £7.65" and I was like, "Yes, but I mean for the medication itself?" and he looked at me liked I'd suddenly sprouted a second head. As it turns out, because I have another chronic medical issue all my prescriptions are free. As in Zero. Nada. *Fiercely waves NHS pom-poms* You get the propaganda here too, about how the NHS is rife with issues and I'm sure it has it's fair share, but our experiences have all been incredible. I went for a routine chest x-ray last week, and had to wait for all of 10 minutes. So shocking. :)

As for the AD's go you. People are stupid about drugs for psychological reasons, but would think nothing of taking a cocktail of them for other problems. The brain is part of the body too, and people should just grow the hell up.

That is completely screwed up. Anxiety is a physical and body-chemical problem, just like diabetes, imagine, as you say, you were discouraged from taking your diabetes meds. The problem is there is still a prevalent attitude that mental health issues are "all in the mind", as if people are just being neurotic,when the thing is, the brain is an organ just like any other and needs medicine when it get sick too.

Many of your older posts have been a huge comfort to me as I've struggled with whether or not to take anti-depressants (for anxiety, above all else) in the midst of fertility treatment, miscarriage, more fertility treatment, pregnancy, etc, etc. Being back on them for a few months, my only thought is why didn't I start sooner? I could've been such a better/more present mom, human being, etc.

I recall before my son finally came to us, back when we were investigating international adoption, it really crushed me that many countries seemed to disqualify you for taking anti-depressants or even seeking therapy. I don't know why your post made me think of this. But I am still kinda mad about that. How being proactive and trying to be a healthy person living well made you an 'unfit' parent. Bleh.

Anyway, always happy to see a discussion that brings mental health issues out of the dark, cobwebby closet.

Well I agree completely and taking AD's in this country (UK) is very frowned on, even by my family. I am on citalopram and feel so much better than I did 18+ months ago and I never want to come off them. They are for anxiety and I am a far better mother/wife whilst I am on them. When I tell people that I take something you can see their faces just change somehow, as though they are looking for the "crazy".

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