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That's terrible! Everyone is so sick everywhere. My hubby as well.
Sounds so sore what you've experienced on the plane.

The little pink/purple bottle Biochemic tissue salts no. 5 help a lot to clear up congestion. You can find them at most of the supermarkets.

Also, you can ask the flight attendant to give you little paper cups and put a paper towel in the bottom, then pour hot water to moisten the paper towel. Hold these over your ears at takeoff and get a new set for landing. The steam thins the mucus in your ears, allowing the pressure to equalize. A kind flight attendant did this for me once when I was sick and it saved me.

So sorry you are so sick. I hope you recover soon.

I am very sorry your ear exploded. That sounds awful. I have had a plane descent or two with a bad cold or sinus infection when I thought my ear was going to explode, but I didn't know it actually could. Before the pressure finally equalizes it feels like having a nail driven into your ear. Not at all nice.

I have a completely unrelated question for you. I am trying to set up a live desktop webconference between me (in the US) and people in SA. We seem to have a lot of connectivity and bandwidth issues so that our normal solutions don't work. Is there anything you've found (in the past or currently) works well? Many thanks in advance. (I would tweet you but am afraid it would get lost in the sea of other tweets...)

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