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I love it! I say hire all the people you need. I'd have more if I could afford it :)

Jayde sounds lovely - children are very good judges of character!

I think it sounds fabulous! Can't wait to her what her imperfection is.

I have an Au Pair to, the kids call him Grandpa, I am very lucky and think t
It's great you have found someone you can trust. Oh and I love seeing the word 'netball
In a blog post!

She sounds fabulous! Hope her flaw when found is tiny enough to be completely meaningless. I'd hire the whole damn village to help raise my children if I could!

Tertia, I never comment on your blog but I just wanted to say as someone who had nannies, babysitters and the whole gamut of carers to help with my two daughters, I am totally on your side. My daughters are now 16 and 19. The "au pair" who looked after them when they were little flew 24 hours from her high powered job in Switzerland to be at the oldest's 18th birthday party. The amah we had when the girls were tinies and we lived in HK writes to us every Christmas and is our friend on facebook. The live-in nanny I had when the youngest was a baby is our dearest friend even though she lives thousands of miles away. I salute bringing other loving adults into your children's lives. I think it is only a positive experience for them and for you.
PS, if Jayde ever wants another job... my oldest hearts spreadsheets too

It is wonderful to bring more people into the children's lives who will love and support them. It does indeed "take a village" and it's supremely shitty of other women to stick their noses up at the choices their sisters are making. We are all in the same boat and how we each cope according to our families' needs is just fine; there is no one right path. So glad it's working out for you!

You are contributing to the economy. You have the money to do so, it is your responsibility to invest that money back into the local economy. Kudos to you for following through on your civic responsibilities. If you hadn't hired first Rose and then Jayde, they would both still be unemployed and looking for work. So whatever, let the haters hate, it's what they do. YOU contribute to the economy and financial well being for two outstanding people. I haven't responded for a long while, here you go.

Well worth the money

I echo what barbara said. Labor is inexpensive in SA and there are a lot of people who need work. What would be financially impossible for most people here in the US (and other countries as well) is well worth the money, both for you and the people you employ.

Jayde sounds divine! Good luck, just remember - you gotta do what you gotta do!

I think it's great you can afford to do this, and I totally agree that "it takes a village." As a single mom I rely heavily on my church community to help me raise my daughter (as you know, I'm a minister). I love having all these grandmotherly women surrounding me and helping to love and care for my little one. I hope all continues to go well with your au pair.

Totally worth the money and effort! I am a single mom by choice it the USA, and I live outside of Boston. Even though I make what seems to be tons of money (150K!!!) (compared to the rest of the world) I still have never have been able to afford live in or daily help for my boys -ages 9 and 13 ( houses in my town are over 600K for 1200 sq feet). Think it would have been great to have what you have the ability to... well ....have!

By the way-just a warning to all - 12/13 is the MOST difficult age I have ever experiences so far. I mean - there are times when I literally don't know what to do (!) to deal with behavior and puberty and "teen issues!. I DREAM of the days when my boys were 6 and 9 and below! These days, I read your posts with nostalgic jealousy!

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