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Bwahaha loved the bit about the poo :)

I had to google netball, so you have educated one ignorant American today, for which I thank you.

Very funny about the poo. Glad Adam has that under control anyway!

When my now 25 year old nephew was five he was a reluctant tee-ball player. (Baseball with a tee to hit the ball off instead of a pitcher for very small children. For the most part very entertaining.) In tee-ball all the action takes place between home plate where you hit the ball and first base, the first base you run to. Freeman was on third base, nobody made it past first. He was in the tee-ball waste land. At one point he was laying flat of his back with his head on the base looking at the stars. Later he disappeared, he was behind the unused dugout (the only used one in tee-ball) peeing. his mom was mortified, his aunt (me) was laughing he ass off. one of the other moms told his mom not to feel bad, they had fired her son from playing first base. The coach told him his job was to not let the batter get on first base. Taking the Coach literally, as five yr olds tend to do, everytime a batter hit the ball and ran for first base...her son ran to meet him and decked him, knocking him flat of his back.

I hope you don't mind but I found this post so very funny it has given me the giggles!

This made me laugh. My little guy has recently taken up soccer, and after a practice at which he spent about half the time practicing and the other half studying the field, we commented on how he'd been picking daisies. "Not DAISIES," he said, "CLOVERS!!" Oh, right, silly me. Much too early in the season for daisies.

I TOLD you when you were pregnant with Max to call him Brett Lee! At least he would have had a fighting chance with a brilliant name like that.

My 6 year old T-Ball player is usually busy drawing art with his feet (they use cleets...) in the sand. He hasn't gotten a single ball even if he is on 1st base (which is where most of the action is). He seems to like it some (which is better than any other sport).
I read the raindrop catching part to my husband. It made him feel better about the whole thing. Thank you!!!

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