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Tell me more about that stomache thing?
I picked up a million kg's in my pregnancy, and I have this pouch of skin which hangs. People are shocked when they see it, which has made me very sensitive.... I am a size eight everywhere except my tummy, it bulges over pants, etc. I am only 29, and intend to have another baby eventually- you think they can do that during the c-section, if I have one again?


Tertia are your boobs at least going to look alright after this? It will be doubly horrible if they can't fix them.

Just a thought about the hot flashes and the hangover-y feeling... When I had surgery to remove a gigantic ovarian cyst, I was given Vicodin for the pain. That's exactly how it made me feel. As soon as I stopped that stupid drug, I felt a million times better. If you reacted badly to anesthesia, it seems possible that you might be reacting badly to pain meds too. Might be worth asking your doctor about, and possibly switching to something else.

The other thing to consider is how much blood you lost during this process... maybe it's time to start the iron pills?

I have actually seen the great plastic surgeon that dismthe Princess' ears and guess what? He advised Imwait untill the twins are 6 because recovery is tough. Now I will takeyour advise and wait too. And drink some Vita thion - it always helps with recovery

Where's Rose?

I want both the boobs and the tummy tuck but the pain scares me to death. I am a huge baby about pain. I gained about 70 pounds during the years of infertility treatments and then almost 40 during my pregnancy. I have lost 75 since giving birth and that yucky pouch by my csection scar hasn't changed a bit. I tell myself that when I loose the next 50 the procedures will be my reward, but I'm terrified of the recovery.
Hang in there, hopefully the next few days will see you feeling much better!

Right now this all sucks - but just remind yourself how awesome it's going to be when you are fully recovered. Oh Happy Days!

Big wet sloppy smooches to you! No judging here; I just want you to feel better.

Next day will be better! I wish you quick recovery.

oh man, so sorry this has been so damn painful and ugly. like you say, the haters gonna be hatin with joy just now. however, seeing as how you just got even PERKIER boobs, plus a hot spanking flat-as BELLY (I hope you are getting a piercing???) they will soon be gnashing their teeth in tearful envy once more. glad you have the support team in place - and yep, make sure your painkiller is not making you feel ill - that stuff is pretty powerful.

Tertia, long time lurker here - I was driven to comment after I read your post, and then when skimming the comments saw the "HOPE Award" graphic in the sidebar. The width of the sidebar cuts off the "K" in the "Best Book" so of course my brain filled in "Best Boobs" instead. Wow, I thought for a moment, did you get an award for them too?? (Best wishes for a speedy recovery!)

Wait... four hours in surgery and you didn't even stay overnight!??! WTF!!?!! I hope you start feeling like yourself again soon T.

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