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don't waste your energy on such a pittyful person.

Wow. You are MY kind of psycho Tertia. And if you are a murderer somewhere in her twisted logic because you do IVF I will be judged right beside you with the greatest of pleasure.
We shall drink copious amounts of Chardonnay to celebrate you pure evilness later this week! (as that is just about the only thing she missed about you) (oops, might just have let the cat out the bag there)

I am NOT going to click over there and give that insane harpy the traffic she can only get with help from you. Nope. Not gonna do it.

She really is insane, isn't she. I pity her children,

Bwahahaha! I'm kinda glad she reached out again, because I love your Zhusie posts. xox

I clicked through so I could marvel at all the misspellings of her devoted readers and nod approvingly at the comments from people who don't like Zsuzsuzsuzsuzsanna.

Now I'm picturing doctors, nurses, and parents who opt for selective reduction all walking around in stained trenchcoats with their pants down, ready to show the world that they are indeed "perverts."

You're the best pervert ever. The stick is so far up that one's nether regions there's no hope of it ever coming out.

Wow. She's....um. Interesting. I have a hard time people like that really actually exist and aren't just trying to make names for themselves by being as completely out there as possible. But maybe I live in my happy little gay-friendly world where we are the lesbians having children and our neighborhood invites us to all the block parties.

You're awesome Tertia. Stay awesome.

WOW! Blogs like hers fascinate me. In 2011 we STILL have people like this - people who live like this.

And the judgement of church going people never ceases to amaze me :-/

It really does boggle the mind.

Against my better judgment, I went to her blog, and I actually feel ill. I scanned through a few of her posts, particularly in the "woodshed" area, and enjoyed her post about why she does not vote. Because the Bible says women should not vote, women should not be in charge, etc. Thank goodness she doesn't vote.

Ick. Just . . . ick.

Ha ha ha!! I read what she wrote and laughed the whole way through!! The woman has some seriously strange ideas, but is way too far gone to acknowledge any sensible comments in reply!

My revulsion comes from her claims to Christianity. There is no basis for that kind of hate and arrogance in my faith. I think she makes God puke.

I think Zsuzsanna should fuck right off.

Wow. You know what, I consider myself a Christian too, but part of that is showing love and tolerance for what others believe. This woman is just showing so much hatred, she gives Christians a very bad name!!! And it just makes me think that the way you handle her ROCKS Tertia!!! I had such a good laugh and I'm afraid that she deserves all the zingers that are going to come her way!

Damn you, Tertia. Thanks to your post, I've spent the last few hours reading this woman's demented drivel. It's utterly fascinating, in a really morbid way.

This is one of the reasons I have reservations about homeschooling; it seems wrong - and very sad - that children of parents like this shouldn't be exposed to any other adult influence in their lives.

Good news! She seems to have reviewed your medical history and declares you not now, not ever infertile! I will encourage my RE to speak with her about my case before we try for baby #2 so I, too, can be declared fertile. Consulting with a haggard Jesus freak is probably the only thing we never thought to try to get knocked up. She is miraculous indeed. (Also note how she appears to openly hope you and Marko are divorced, so she can have you all to herself...)

Ha! Love it. I don't want to click on the link to her blog and drive up her traffic but I'm sure it is quite entertaining. There is no lack of crazies out there! Although, hello, who wouldn't harbor lesbian fantasies about you?!?! C'mon Zsusie, just embrace the sista love.

WOW. I can't believe that lady!!! Holy cow.
Its a little scary that people like that have kids.

I agree, scary lady, and oh dear those poor kids. What chance do they have to turn out normal, growing up in that house?
Me thinks she should have those tubes tied before producing another offspring, geezzzz she pure nasty and poison.

Shame, this Zsusie lady has real issues...I couldn't help laughing out loud at her madness.

OMW this woman is really........hmm....can't think of a word for her...really not worth the time!
Love you always,ignorants remain just that...ignorant

Eish, she needs some serious help. And her poor children, you have to feel sorry for them.

I have popped in to read her blog on the odd occasion as I find it quite entertaining! I can't believe that in today's day and age, there are people out there with such archaic views! They're enough to turn you off religion quite honestly! And can you imagine being married to that MCP husband of hers - mind you, mail order was probably the only way they'd be matched anyhow! Hahaha!

Oh my lord, she's one scary broad and her minions are no better. I also feel bad for her kids. More ignorant people being put out into the world.

She'd probably love a good spanking ;)

This woman is scary! I left her a brief comment, but am quite sure she will not have the guts to approve it. ;D

hahahhahaha what an incrediably stupid woman. Would love to be a fly on her wall when she reads this posting on your blog. Bet she is into some really kinky sex - I mean, she has GOT be to wild about sex to be having it ALL THE TIME - even with THAT many children! She clearly is never "tired"!

Wow - I wonder how she would feel to know that you, being the viral murderous monster that you are have won awards all over the world - guess the whole world is EVIL!! AHHH lol... what a crazy nutbag. I feel bad for her children being raised by such an asshat.

After your post, I am now harboring secret lesbian thoughts towards you. Oops, guess not so secret anymore. I think I'm in love. Sigh.

*sigh* no wonder people think christians are crackpots. Jesus would be bitterly disappointed.

While I will not give her the satisfaction of my traffic to her blog, I do LOVE your response to whatever madness she has posted there.

You are gifted!

She must need the internet traffic , not going to click there either , wasted my precious time there before ( was fascinating to see how other peoples weird minds function though ) .

It boggles my mind that she has nothing better to do than target people who have absolutely nothing to do with her . Maybe this is because of your trip to NY that you dropped onto her radar again .... poor woman , imagine that being your life .

not going to click over and give her the attention she's looking for....
I work at a sperm bank and help gay people have babies too...we can go to hell together...weeee!

You had 4 beautiful boys growing in your womb and chose to kill two... She has a point.

Oh it's so easy to be sanctimonious about infertility when you've never been faced with it. It's a simple decision to theoretically decide you'd never selectively reduce when you've never had a doctor tell you that your chances of having 4 healthy babies instead of 2 are pretty slim. It's a snap to decide you'd never terminate a pregnancy until you go into a routine ultrasound and discover your child has medical problems incompatible with life. Even if you have had to make these decisions, the only person you can make the right decision for is yourself. Why isn't it good enough for all the crazypants that they are living their life however they choose? Why must they insist on everyone else living the way they choose as well?


One word: insecurity.

People who are truly secure in their own life choices don't feel the need to get their panties in such a bunch over others' life choices.

That woman makes me want to throw things. People like her are what is wrong with America today. We're being taken over by insane fundamentalist Xtians.

I scanned through a few of her posts, particularly in the "woodshed" area, and enjoyed her post about why she does not vote...

Hmmm... the nutcase makes reference to not being near your website numerously. It's always so obvious when someone defends to such a degree against an attack that never happened. Guilty Conscious! I'd like to ask if all her kids are hers - since they look pretty normal to me.

I can't read her. She makes me want to cry.
When you know Jesus and His enormous compassion and grace and love without conditions then it becomes impossible to hate. We cannot profess His love if we taint it with hate and judgement and incredible spitefulness. Its like adding a little bit of poison to pure water making it no longer drinkable.
I just feel sorry for her, she is missing the liberation that knowing God brings. If she is loving her neighbor as herself then she clearly hates herself. The sorrow God must feel when He sees what we say and do in His name. Painful

Mel, exactly what I am thinking. I'll pray for the poor thing; she must be so unhappy to be driven by so much hate and anger. Sad too that she takes the Lord's name in vain like that. It's not just saying G-D; it's using God's name to try to make hatred and violence and pain. Not at all what He intended.

I am a Singaporean currently living in Arizona because my boyfriend of 5 years has been posted here for a 6-month work attachment.

I just came by for the first time and I must say that I love your blog, your story, and the ideals you stand for. I have to say that Z is ultimately a very rude and self-righteous lady that probably has never undergone the ordeal of trying hard to concieve. As a Christian I denounce her criticism, and as a young woman who too wants to have children someday, I hail your eloquence in standing up for yourself.

I am just catching up on my reader feed and saw this, which led me into the wormhole that is this woman's awful blog. Yesterday she announced that she's pregnant. Again. That's 7 kids, if you're counting. We can only hope that there's nothing wrong with this baby.

With respect, reading this womans's drivel secures my position in atheism. How dare she judge your choices. And how dare she promote herself as an authority on infertility.

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