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Tertia this is a brilliant idea, i know as a working mom I also feel guilty about not spending enough time with my child and I only have one so I can only imagine your guilt baggage!! Enjoy and I look forward to hearing how it goes. I will definitely be copying this idea, thanks x

Stunning idea.

I have been doing a variation of this for a couple of years now... we call it our "Girls Night" (as there are no boy children in the house). Each Monday night, I take one of my daughters into our guest bedroom, and we spend the evening together - play games, eat snacks, do hair/makeup (two of them like that, one is a tomboy), read books, whatever - and sleep in the king size bed together. Just the two of us. :-)

They all look forward to it, often counting the days until it is their turn. Granted it's not 24 hours, and we don't leave the house, but we make wonderful memories together, nonetheless!

Wow, it sounds awesome. Where you staying? She will love it. I do short versions of this. Sofia and I hike up the mountain, Rebeka a little more expensive with shopping and lunch. Daniel kind of moved on from hanging out with me. Will have to branch out and do 24 hours too at some point.

I'm actually in a similar situation, I work full time and have three kids (older daughter and boy/girl twins). I know the feeling of going non-stop until you crash at night. I have created a photo calendar with each kid getting 4 months out of the year. Starting in October if they see their photo on the calendar that month then they will know that it is their month to spend 1:1 time with mommy and daddy. My plan is that each month both my husband and myself will take that kid for 1/2 day and do something special. It's certainly not 48 hours but maybe as they get older (only 4 and 2 right now) then we can start doing bigger and longer things.

Even a small amount of time alone with one child is great. My kids are currently at different schools (one in 1st grade, one in preschool) and it requires one adult to take each of them to arrive on time. Just the walk alone with one of them to school is special.

Wow! I know how you feel. Well... not really... I have a teen (that came with the marriage - although back then he was a teeny) and a 3 year old, and I work full time, study, pretend to know what a house requires in order to be run, try to throw in being a wife too, and often feel lost. I've taken to having a me time in the morning before everyone gets up, and I try to spend quality time with the bunny as soon as I get home. My teen is a 'man' now, so he requires Discovery Channel and to talk non-stop throughout the whole program (whichever) as his QT with us - it works. At least, we're not all crazy. Only me.

The Princess and I actually do a yearly mom and daughter time out - 3 days or so away, just us two (or this year with 4 other girls) It does wonders for us all.

I think this is a great idea! I am going to try it with my boys. We do shorter versions of this already, splitting them up and one goes with one parent, one goes with the other. But maybe Rose can take #3??

Don't feel bad that you have limited time. Just do what you can. I don't remember my mother EVER spending individual time with me on purpose. We sometimes had time alone because we were working on a task (like cleaning) but I always knew that she loved me.

I love this idea! Will share with my hubby so we can make our own plans with our older 2!

I also have 3 kids, twin girls and a boy and work full time outside the home. It is hard to get one-on-one time with the kids, and I don't do it as much as I should. My husband does one-on-one with my son fairly often, doing "boy" things, and I have taken the girls, together, to a hotel for a night to counter that, but I have not taken the girls each alone to a hotel. That is a great idea, except I know there will be huge fights over who gets to go first. Even if I do the selection in a totally fair and unbiased way it will be declared "unfair!" But my girls fight so much now, I really do want to find ways to give them time away from each other, and me time away from their bickering.

I hear what everyone is saying.... but I think it's relatively "easy" to spend quality time with each child. I have 2 and every night my daughter and I bath together. For that hour we chat, give each other back massages and giggle. I put my son to bed every night and then its just him and I doing stories, back scratches and snuggles. when there is a good movie on, my husband will take my son or daughter and then I'll take the other to another movie or we all go together. I also work, do the school run, after-school stuff etc.... but I think there is always time in the day to spend individual quality time with the kids. My son loves cooking with me, so when I cook, he sits on the counter and stirs, cleans, chops - whatever. I think as working moms we just need to be creative. It's not about doing something huge and extravagent - its just about giving that little bit of individual attention.

I think it's something about 3 kids that threw me over the edge about the quality time with each of them, very hard!!

My mom has been on me for ages to do one on one with the twins more often. I have tons of one on one time with my 'baby' while the boys are in school, but they rarely get to be alone with mom or dad. I don't think I could do 24 hrs without the other twin, they still get really upset when separated for a long stretch of time. When they are as old as Kate and Adam maybe I can convince them to let each other go for more than an hour or two. For now I think taking just one with me shopping and out for lunch would thrill them to pieces.

It sounds like you two will have a wonderful time. :) I'm looking forward to the pics and blog post about it.

Thanks for posting this. Only yesterday I was reading someone else's status on FACEBOOK (LOL) about her quality time with her 5 year old daughter, while I was on the computer and Amelia was playing on her own. I need to take this on board and JUST DO IT. We have just recently banned TV at dinner time, and that includes computer time, and are giving Amelia two on one time at bedtime, with amazing results. The husband struggles with this, because he wants to wind down when he arrives home, but she launches herself at him because she has missed him and it is close to HER bedtime. You have motivated me to do more.

What a great idea! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

What a great idea!!!
We all struggle with the GUILT! (Don't beat yourself up about it!)

I would love to do this with my husband! No laptops, no BB - just 2 people enjoying each other. This is a fab idea though - I'm sure Kate will have a ball.

What a wonderful idea! So special. Enjoy it! x

What a great idea ! My girls would love it , will definitely be doing this with them !

I know the feeling of going non-stop until you crash at night. I have created a photo calendar with each kid getting 4 months out of the year... I think taking just one with me shopping and out for lunch would thrill them to pieces.

This is my first time i visit here. I found interesting things to many in your blog, mostly to the debate. Of the tons of comments on your articles, I’m not the only one who has all the fun here! Keep up the good work.

Great idea.
Hope you have a fabulous girls night out with Kate.
hope the boys enjoy their alone time too.

hehehe "...get an outfit for her Springbok..." Why does this seem like such an African thing??

Sounds like great fun for both Kate and Adam to spend time with their parents. Is Max getting one-on-one with his second mother (Rose, of course)? Or maybe time with grandparents.

OK, so here's a bit of a prank that one could do... go up to the rack (I assume it is a carousel style of rack as I've never bought any of that shit nor have I been to that store...) and place a sign up saying something like: Are you that Cheap MBB? These guys don't even play on your team anymore and you're still selling their jerseys? What happened, your store guy order too many? Why don't you give them away to the homeless? signed WDR

As to wearing the WDR tee-shirt? He hasn't done it in 30 years, he didn't do it when you guys came to the forefront, what makes you think that he's gunna do it now -- your t-shirt? In the words of Steven Tyler -- Dream-On!

I hope this allowed, I have never used this website before so I wasn't really sure what this was going to do. So this is just a test post. I really like this forum, it has some excellent discussions that take place

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