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Great interview Tertia - nice to "hear" you after years of reading your blog!! ps. you looked stunning!!

I don't know if it's a South Africanism, or if it was tongue-in-cheek, but I laughed out loud when the narrator said you "enjoyed" 9 IVFs! Yes. I'm certain 'enjoyed' is the word you have used.

Loved the interview - you came across so well and great to 'hear you' after reading your blog for years. Keep on going girl you are doing a great job.

Great interview!

Jan - I think the narrator said 'endured'!

Oh, yeah, see that makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? I had to listen to it again, but I think you're right, Leah.

I take it back! :)

Lovely interview, btw.

This is *exactly* why I adore you. Wonderful job, darling.

It was really great to hear you Tertia. Have been a reader of your blog for years now. Three precious li'l ones.....really after seeing the vdo I was crying.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. You looked gorgeous too. And divine. And you speak so beautifully!

I'm so glad you posted that. I didn't get a chance to watch it on TV. It's also nice to see the kids mobile, instead of just photos. :)

Great interview! Thank you Tertia for everything you do for us IF'S.

I loved it! You are so incredibly eloquent on the subject, heartfelt and to the point. When are you coming here to the States to go on tour with this? You look lovely, and I love your accent. :) If everyone saw this interview just once, a lot of infertility misconceptions would disappear.

Loved hearing your voice!

How lovely, after all these years since our PPSer days, to hear your voice! It's just as gorgeous as the speaker herself. :) And, of course, the kids are just adorable!

You were FAB Tertia. You seem so natural and comfortable on camera. Wow I am impressed. Obviously it helps that you know and love the subject matter so well, but you really did a brilliant job. Well done!

Beautiful. So poised and articulate! Your accent sounds like Mary-Poppins-goes-to-the-southern-hemisphere. :)

Wow, you are so much more glamorous on TV than on the blog! I think it's your posh accent. You did great. It was lovely to see.

I never had you down to sound like that!!! Sooo well spoken...great interview too :-)

Tertia, I completely cried when I watched this! Your an inspiration and I am so impressed with all that you have endured and accomplished.

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