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Jealous! And wishing you lots of good times and connecting with computer friends :)

PS your tv thing was awesome - watched the link you posted, and strangely I'd said the same thing to someone the previous day (that it's horrible when your body can't do what so many people can do so easily)

Also, Max is just gorgeous!!!


Hi, Tertia - I'm so excited that you're traveling stateside! I would LOVE to swing up to NYC for a get-together. Weekdays are no good for me, but if you have any free time for a weekend get-together, I shall be there. Some tidbits:

- With the exception of some dodgy areas, New York is actually VERY safe. From a purely facts-and-figures standpoint, NYC - and especially Manhattan - is much safer than Philadelphia, my city. There is a certain protocol which must be followed so as not to piss off the floods of people on the subway and the sidewalks, but it's not a lot different than what you'd see in many other large cities.

- What sorts of places to go/things to go are you interested in in the city?

- As far as low-key/casual with AMAZING food, the Momofuku Ssam Bar is great... very friendly and casual. Also, their pork buns are a religious experience.

I am so excited for you! New York City is a fascinating place to to visit. Don't think of it as representative of the U.S. -- it is a very unique, densely populated and fast-paced setting and quite unlike the environment the vast majority of us live in. Also, not quite so many "people of size" there... :)

I can't wait to hear your take on America!

If your agenda included Washington, D.C., I would try to at least go look at you and Marko. As it is, I don't know anything about New York. You will definitely see Americans grazing--they graze all the time, and I think you will be astonished by how many U.S. residents are fat.
Oh, people who visit New York often tell me it is conspicuous how quickly people walk there. Much of the country seems to be strolling in comparison with New York, they say. Maybe that will make New Yorkers thinner than the rest of the country?
Have a wonderful time.

Just be careful not to feed the animals, and don't look anyone in the eye on the subway.

Just kidding. New Yorkers are prickly, but under their rough exteriors, they're lovely. I know because I used to be one. Have a fantastic trip. Wish I could make it to meet you.

Oh, and be sure to bring a million dollars. Money just shoots out of everyone's wallet in New York. I have no idea why.

I will definitely meet up with you!! Just tell me the place and time!! Can't wait to meet you, Tertia!!!

Next time please win something that sends you to San Francisco, okay?

Congratulations on the award!

You have so many fans around here, maybe you should book Madison Square Garden as the venue? ;)

I live in CT, and every time I have been to NYC it has been like going to a zoo. Everything is so loud, crowded, fast, dirty, bright, exciting, and EXPENSIVE. I am so glad to be able to take the train home at the end of the day. It is possible that I may be able to go, but most likely not :(

I am SO ridiculously proud to know you. Sorta. I showed your TV webisode to my mom and she bawled. What a weirdo.

Have fun in NYC you lucky bitch.

LOL! I'm not sure NYC is "natural habitat" but it will be fun meeting online friends. glad you goet to come visit even if it's a small chuink of america.

Bummer! I live a couple of thousand miles away, in Denver, otherwise I would totally be up for a drink!

I visited New York once, and instantly embraced the old cliche: A Nice Place To Visit, But You Couldn't Pay Me Enough To Live There.

Congrats, by the way!

Having lived in NYC for 25 years, until I moved to NJ a few years ago, but still working here every day, I can say that it is not only a nice place to visit, it is also an awesome place to live, if you get away from mid-town and all the super touristy places.

A suggestion for a get-together is a place called the Boat Basin Cafe. About as low key as you can get, although also a bit of a "scene," so fun, not a place tourists usually go, but we love it. It is on the Upper West Side in Riverside Park, it is an extremely casual restaurant/bar that overlooks the Hudson River. It is only open in spring through fall because it is all outside (but much of it is covered). It overlooks the Boat Basin, where people keep houseboats, and live on them. Riverside Park is the place where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet up at the end of You've Got Mail, and the Boat Basin is where Tom Hanks and his father live on their boat. It can be hard to get a table on the outside terrace, but if you sit "inside" (it is covered over, but open on the sides, and you still get the view) you can generally always get a table, and they can accommodate just about any number of people, without a reservation. People could just show up, they would just throw on another table, there is lots of room to spread out. It if is at all chilly, they have those outdoor heater things. It is inexpensive, the food is very basic (burgers, barbecue, salads, fish). It would only not work if it was raining hard (light rain would be okay). Also extremely kid (and dog) friendly.

I can't believe you come to America on my birthday and I can't get to you!

Please enjoy.

I wish I still lived in PA...I could meet you and Cecily and Julie!!! Now it is too far to come from Indiana...crap!

Oh...and you can try some American bacon! Mmmm...bacon... We Americans love our fat and salt!

You know I'm interested in meeting up with you, Tertia! Let's keep in touch. (I think I would take the train down; I'm not sure if I can manage it with my little one or if I'll have to do it solo...Saturday's a good day, though, as long as I can get childcare.)

Are you sure you can stay for only four days? Hardly seems worth it to come all the way over here for such a short visit! Wish you could travel around a bit more...

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