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LOL I know exactly what you mean. My dd is 15. And she is so much like me at that age that I don't let her do near what my parents let me do and they were strict. You know that reaping what you sow verse in the Bible - well, it's so true! (Ask your happy clapper sister if you don't know it.)

I will consider myself very accomplished if the things I do to my children are only the magnitude of that list.

If Kate knows the difference between behaviour at home and outside then you win at being mum!

We have always been a very sarcastic family and sometimes people don't understand how we interact. But as long as everyone is respectful to others outside our home then I don't care what everyone else thinks of us.

Eating a banana for breakfast is a bad thing? OH MY! am I ever in trouble!
Sending a child to their room for punishment ... this one never made sense to me. A child is doing something that should be punished. You send them to their room (where everything they practically own is located!) and you would think, from their reaction, that they had been punished to death. I would have loved to be sent to my room as punishment when I was growing up.

You make me smile, and to actually miss those years sometimes!
(Mine are 32, 29, 26, 24)

Hahaha love Kate. I have a 14yr old daughter who is similiar. I love her confidence and take pride that she is a strong woman like her Mam.

My 19 year-old son is just as snarky. What was funny at 6, 7, or 8 is so NOT funny at 19. But I don't regret my snarky sarcasm one bit, and now I know that I'm getting just revenge for my own behaviour as a child.

This made me laugh and laugh. It's a good thing you live so far away as Kate and my son must never meet -- he's quite, er, outspoken enough already ;) !

This is so cool. She is awesome.

Ag then I am a bad mother too - not tha tmine have ipads though, I mean, I do not even have one, but the rest - jip, that's me too.

My kids are older, but they do the same. It makes me angry and amused at the same time.

It also makes me sad and amused that you always have to build disclaimers into your posts, to pre-empt the inevitable responses from the parenting police.

Wow! She sounds like my Phoebe! She's very sassy too. I have lots of stories of sassy things she's said. We do discuss what she's not allowed to say to us, but behind that we are laughing our a$$es off!

I'm like you. I take pride in my son's ability to be witty, sarcastic, or amusing even when I don't appreciate it. And, he knows when to use it and when not to. How can you not smile at a mirror reflection of yourself? Love it!

Classic! My Mom always use to tell me that karma would come back in due course. Boy! Did it ever! Kate sounds delightful!

I guess we'd better start a Snarky Mom support group. I've painted myself into the same corner!

It's true the only time children listen is when you wish they wouldn't, and then they're like damn court reporters, they repeat everything back verbatim. Usually in front of your boss, your priest, or your in-laws.

Also, I am chagrined at the fairly explicit ads for "teen" programming placed squarely in the middle of programs for much younger kids. When I want my kids exposed to vulgarity and substance abuse I'll do it myself, thank you very much.

She is hilarious and yes...God was very specific in choosing you to be her mom.
Hee hee hee, Kate's definitely your reward for being so full of shit yourself!
PS: Hate Disney Channel because of how rude the children speak to each other and parents in the teen shows.

Love this blog! Could be me and TKA, i know it happens to me too. I thought this would be my life with a teenager not a 6 year old...oh dear what will be do in 10 years time :)

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