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Tertia, NYC is fabulous! You will love it! Sort out your US visa first and foremost. It is a pain in the a$$, and takes time, but without it you cannot go doll! Nick x


Stayed here, about 10 years ago. It's in the heart of Greenwich Village and a good location for the whole of Manhatten.
Not fancy, but incredibly good value.

Yay so proud of you!!

Many many congrats to you! Now about the bacon...

That is so freaking cool!!! Enjoy the trip

Soooooo proud of you, so happy for you and so glad I voted! LOVE(D) your book! The awards dinner is on my birthday- lucky you, I will def raise a glass to you on the 13th!

I hate to be a Debbie Downer but you will be here for the 10th anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks. I only say so because I believe there will be memorials, etc. and press and families and I wonder if it will be difficult to find a hotel.

That said, CONGRATULATIONS!! My birthday is the 12th (hi Lindsay, birthday week buddy!) so I will also be thinking happy thoughts that you are on the same continent as I am. If you find yourself with a layover in Boston, I'll buy you a drink!

Wow, Tertia! How very very exciting! Congratulations on your well deserved win. I wish I had an apartment to give you, but alas I too am a country mouse here in New Hampshire. Wish also that I could make it to NYC to see you! Congrats, my PPSer pal, and have an exquisitely marvelous time. :)

Congratulations!! Definitely well-deserved.

I've stayed at both Hotel Metro and Herald Square Hotel and could recommend both. Neither is particularly far from your event. It has been quite a few years since I have been there though.

Not sure of your musical tastes but there is a Brecker Brothers Band reunion at the Blue Note while you are there. I would very much recommend for great music and the Blue Note itself is worth visiting.

Have fun!

Also love springstreetnatural.com. Yummy!


WOOT!!!! Awesome!!! Wish I could help with hotels and such. I heard today on the radio that there is an old boat hotel floating in the harbor that only charges 50 dollars a night ;) They may be closing on Labor Day, though, because they have no heat...and no toilets.

Yay!! I live in NJ - a 30 minute train ride out of the city. Not ideal, but I'm glad to host if other options become difficult. And I went to college in NYC and have lived in the area for over hlf my life now, so I'm glad to give any advice. But for the same reason, am not much help on the hotel front! And although I mostly lurk - I've been doing so for a long time now, and would happily come into the city to meet up!

So v. proud of you, PPS sister!!!! Congrats!

As a native New Yorker, I'm no help with hotels. But if you need advice on sightseeing I suggest:

-the Met, of course (don't forget, it's pay what you wish - the admission price is only "suggested")

-MOMA, of course (the cafe is fabulous)

-the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, of course

-the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side ("LES"). afterwards, go to the Laboratorio del Gelato next door for dessert.

-walk over the Bklyn Bridge. when you get to Bklyn, hit the Bklyn Ice Cream Factory (do you see a theme here?)

-walk around Chinatown, Central Park

Am so curious to know what you think of my "hometown."

The Standard, as a bonus the french fries are nice downstairs.

Any hotel you get will be pricey, especially in the area you will want, but SO worth it. You could go onto Priceline or Hotwires.com. Those are the two that I use alot and have great success.
Little Italy, Soho, Central Park. Make sure you do all and of course SHOPPING on 5th Ave! lol

This is so exciting! I am extremely proud of you. You do know that your book changed my life, right? Nope, it didn't get me pregnant, but it did get me into blogging and that's one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

I stayed at the hilton at times square recently, and it was lovely, cheap (relatively!) and extraordinarily quiet (very high above the street), and pretty close (relatively!) to the venue, and right near the half price broadway show booth (TKTS - we stood on line for 25 minutes, and got the show we wanted, and just walked over to the theatre in 3 minutes.

anyway, here is a link for the hotel


I write this congratulations from Manhattan! I hope you will love your visit. It's chaotic in the extreme, but so invigorating.

I have always loved The Giraffe:

i loved the museum of natural history, and wish you could take your kids there. the dinosaur bones are simply UNREAL.

then there is the Museum of Sex. not for the kids, but you will LOVE IT.

oh, and BTW - CONGRATULATIONS - so very happy for you, rock on sista!

you could do what we do every time we travel abroad and use this website www.ratestogo.com to book 20 days out of less. you are kinda anal, so i doubt you will want to leave it that late, but they DO have cheap assed deals in most places.

looking forward to the photos (and accompanying whinge fest) of you in fancy shoes (i.e. no thongs) and a COCKTAIL FROCK XOXOXOXOXO

you know, I am considering driving the 9 hours down to NY just to be able to meet you.

Tell us you're going to meet up w/Julie!

Congratulations!!! That's amazing news :)

I've been to NY a couple of times, mainly for work though but we did some touring. Times Square is a must, as is a visit to the Empire State building (the queue can be an hour long though, so be patient or get there early). Last time I was there with two friends, we had one night in NY and we spent it walking the whole of Manhattan, from up near Columbia University, through Central Park, past Times Square, over the Brooklyn bridge and back on another one, culminating in a ferry ride past the statue of liberty at sunrise. Good times, but I really wish I'd worn better shoes :)

And while you're there, why not check out Braai: http://www.braainyc.com/

For getting there - Emirates is usually the cheapest, but it's a long flight as I really don't think Dubai is any closer to NY than Joburg is. If you fly lufthansa or something and are coming past Geneva, let me know ;)

For accommodation, you could try looking for someone's apartment or something to rent for a week. Here in Geneva there are local websites where people advertise their apartments for rent (fully furnished) while they go on holiday - I'm sure there are similar things for NY, you just would have to google a bit.

Congratulations, you totally deserve it! Please will you drink a Cosmopolitan when you are in your cocktail dress... and also take one of those corny photos where you are standing in the distance and pretend to hold up the statue of liberty (has to be done, you MUST act like a tourist). Very excited, can't wait to see the photos, this is totally on my bucket list too. Think I better write a book...


How exciting! I'm a regular reader, an owner of your book, someone who voted for you AND a Manhattanite! Perhaps we can meet up for a drink?


I'm behind in my reading but so very happy for your well deserved distinction.

What I cannot get over is that you've never been to the US. To be able to go (I hope, for you) to New York is going to knock your socks off, lady. I live on the left coast so I will not see you, BUT I can't wait to hear about your trip.

Is Marko coming???

You will be just fabulous for New York! Relax! You might be more comfortable in a hotel, even if someone can offer you a room in their apartment, but definitely you need some friends to take you about. Hope Julie can come down? If you will peek at the New York Times style section (especially look at the photos from social/charity events), you will see that almost anything goes on the Scene, but you can still never look wrong in a knee length (or tad shorter or tad longer) black cocktail dress (frock); need not be strapless but if so should have a little jacket or scarf. A sleek and feminine pantsuit with a fancy top and accessories that you love would be fine, too. Lovely, strappy shoes will help. . . I know how you feel about shoes. The heels can be minimal. You look great in the professional photos that have taken of you -- can you consult anyone who dressed you for them?

OMG! Congratulations you soooooo deserve this. I wish I could fly to NY just to meet you in person Tertia. I'm so excited for you. NY is filled with everything to do, you will never be bored. Congrats Congrats!!!!

For hotels check out the Standard, the Soho Grand, The Mercer, the W. The Ace hotel has some good deals but it's kind of funky. The Beacon on the upper west side is reasonable though not chic. The inn at Irving place is small
and very unique. Sept is a great time to visit NYC. Hope you make it!

Guastavino's is pretty swank place; please address accordingly!

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