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Oh I am so glad you blogged about your dog. I am a huge dog fan. They are like my children (since I don't have any yet!)

My money's on Labrador in her mix given her gentle enthusiasm & inhalation of food. She's gorgeous!

Do you still have Bruno the homosexual guard dog? Or did I miss that completely?

@Miranda (and co...)
or Mastiff. those feet look (paws then...) look mastiff-fy... ish.

Have you considered a BARF diet for her? Helps slow down our vaccuums...err, beagles. Leaves them feeling more satisfied as well. If not full BARF, get her a beef knuckle or other big bone to chew for hours....will help. I always love reading "dog" entries. :)

So glad you got a rescue dog ... they're the best! That little pup sure got lucky to land in the lap of luxury ...

i like a rescue dog.
his pose is very sweet dog, he probably knows when the camera is in front. :D

Yes, you did just blog about your dog, but it's a cute dog. Love the names Kate gives the animals.

Try www.wisdompanel.com. It's an at-home doggie dna test that will tell you the breeds your dog has in him. My sister did it with the stray dog they adopted and had fun finally answering the question of "what is he?".

Gee, Kate can surely name a dog! Welcome Fluffy. And like Caz I suggest looking a BARF or modified BARF - a mix of it with normal pellets. Shelley will also do well on it - the retrievers thrive on it.

She has a sweet face... looks like she's smiling in the photograph.

Fluffy looks very much like my rescue dog, Nado, who passed away last summer at age 14... just the most intelligent, sweet, loving dog ever. I think she was a border collie mix, and had that same black with tan coloring. Just like Fluffy, Nado had to fight other dogs for food in her earliest months of life, and always had a "thing" about food and eating (would eat almost anything, VERY enthusiastically).

So glad you have a sweet rescue dog! (Love the name, lol)

I'm sure I could tweak a bunch of stuff here and there on the logo, but I probably won't ... Once I'm done crappin' around with something, I don't like to go back in. Especially when I'm not making a damn dime to do it.

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