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WOW, the pic is BRILLIANT! It tells the story so well and is so expressive!Sorry about the spider, Kate! x

She will be great at Pictionary!

Great picture. I love her creativity.

Love kiddie art!

I have the same problem when I try to work at home.

LOL that is brilliant!

lol, Kate is a smart girl.
maybe he was deliberately create a confusing picture in order to speak with you. :D

Flip! That is on excellent drawing. B is a few months older and I am not sure he could put together something that clear and precise.

Well done Kate.

Never mind poppet - boys are very naughty! ;-)

Love the drawing! Gotta agree with the Pictionary potential!

The Art of Drawing was very Good. Nice Drawing. The Sweet Story that held in the drawing was very impressive.

Waw, your kids are amazing. They didn't break the rule but still can tell you what's going on exactly with them.
Can't believe how the drawing could tell us a lot.

And does Kate already have her replacement spider?

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