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My son loves pink. His favorite color is red and light red = pink. I have often wondered why "girlish" colors have their own name, such as pink and lavender. But "boyish" colors do not, such as light blue and light green. He also has one doll and a stroller (pram). We used the doll to teach body parts (No, it is not anatomically correct. lol) and the stroller has wheels and he LOVES wheels. He also has a play kitchen as I do not cook much and he imitates his dad. ;-)

I think it is stunning that you cater to all his "sides"! We have also bought a tractor and cars for our girl, but she prefers the girly stuff!
Although, she sometimes "shoots" us with her finger: "Peu, Peu!!" (I should go and buy that gun?)

I agree with you. I don't have the energy to do more than give them the ability to make the decisions of what they want to play with. The boys haven't shown any interest in their sister's few dolls she has, but then again, neither did she. They do love my friend's daughter's play kitchen. We never got one, but I bet if I did, they'd never play with it. They play with the one at my friend's house, as it's new and not theirs.

That's a great question that your friend posed. I feel that I've seen it asked many times before but it's a question that always sparks such interesting conversation. Providing them the option to play with a wide variety of toys is the best way to go because they'll pick what they want to play with.

Interesting indeed! I remember one of my friends asking me if one of my boys play with their little sister's dolls and the only answer that I gave is "no, even my daughter doesn't play with her dolls, she loves riding her brothers' cars=)" And it doesn't really bother me at all.

Love the pic, you are right that would take way too much time and effort! About your little girl not playing with dolls, I never did either, and I turned out just fine :)

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