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Love the first and last pic and I think you look great. As for me, well I take those necklaces off when I sit at my desk and put them back on when I get up.

OMG. I might have sensory issues then too. On top of my ADD. Totally explains why I CAN'T HAVE A FRINGE. OMG. NO HAIR ON FACE. Yes, you look totally fabbo in your after - and comfortingly similar to me in your before ;)

I LOVE the orange dress - LOVE.

You look great in all of them.

Why don't these places find me? I am SO a makeover waiting to happen!

Orange dress. TOTAL WINNER!

Summer and Winter - so should appeal to the "bargain-bessy" in you.

You look awesome!!

I like the new looks, and LOL at your mom's comment about your before photo

You look great but the fan cracked me up. Who carries a fan?!?

I've seen you out 'n about in public and you for sure don't look like the before picture! The husband calls bangs "the lunatic fringe". You wore a purple top in another magazine shot (Sarie?) and you looked great. It must be your colour.

You look awesome (even with the fan!) I love the black and white dress and the orange jumper!

You look fabulous!!! Funny thing is I could not handle bangs either with my hair touching my face. I do wear my hair down a lot, but it's usually tucked behind my ears to stay out of my way. I do often wonder lately if I have sensory issues.

Wow you look stunning. Sounds so familiar what you are saying I am exactly the same. Don't think will ever change. Just does not suit my life style. Definitely could use style advise. Might just give it a try.

Bright colours look great on you! Fab girl!

It's funny how in the after pictures people always smile and in the before pics, they seems to be borderline suicidal... LOL. I do like you blonde better, didn't they tell you that?? Anyway, you look G&D, as usual!
Can you send one of these stylist to Miami?

You look STUNNING!

Wow, you look great. Don't mind the fan, but what about the red hoover tube?

You look fabulous Tertia, but that necklace and fan...?!?! Whattheheck were they thinking?!

What a great opportunity for you. It sounds like you had a good time doing this photo shoot.

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