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Ouch! You must be crackers!


It really is beautiful!

What Gina said.....

I think it's beautiful and love the way you honored Ben.

I LOVE it!! It is gorgeous and I love how Ben is a part of it.

I agree, it is beautiful.

You'll be the talk of the PTA!! :)

I have two wrist tattoos and yes they were a little uncomfortable!

yours is awesome!!

It's stunning!

That is absolutely gorgeous!

I love it!

Beautiful! I have one in the same spot and I love how it catches my eye randomly. It's definitely a place where I think the wearer gets the most enjoyment out of their own ink.

I love it! And there's space for more kids!

Very special, love that the B is included.

Yes...it is a great tattoo...but it still makes me a little teary to see the little "B" with a halo...*sniff*

That is so perfect. It makes me want to get one too!

You are one tough Mamma! It is lovely. X

Its very special. And gorg! And it was probably as sore last time but your memory is so shite. WORST person to play remember when with!

I love it! What a beautiful and moving tribute to your family!!

I LOVE it. I plan to get a new tattoo for my upcoming birthday but haven't settled on what, yet. Never thought of the inside of my wrist. Am thinking right shoulder blade, but I love that you can see your wrist. Hmmmm.

This is a really awesome Tattoo. I am Crazy about the Tattoo. I have to done Six tattoo in my Bodies. Three in a left hand, Two in a Right Hand, and one in my back.

Wow. That is truly beautiful! I'm saving up to get a tattoo on my wrist and love that more people are inking themselves here. It's such an intimate and vulnerable part of the body- the fact that you can feel your heart beating there...I love your design!

You did good Tertia. Beautifully meaningful.

Wow. Just wow. I don't even normally LIKE tattoos, but that one is beautiful for so many reasons.


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