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Sounds nice Tertia. It's always good to remember that time away is sanity producing! I envy that nice, comfortable looking bed!

p.s. What's trendy about the Protea Colosseum? That's an interesting way to describe a hotel! I want details, girl, details

I'm busy eyeballing the Crystal Towers hotel there, dying to get away there me myself and computer.

You are a smart and lucky woman to be able to take the time it sounds like you desperately needed.

You are so lucky your DH understands your need for alone time. The last time I raised the subject of getting away by myself it caused such an argument that I have given up on the idea. Well, not totally, I will just have to be more devious about it!! He wants us to go away for a weekend alone just the 2 of us, no kids, which I am totally ok with but I still need some time to myself and he just cannot understand that. Why on earth would I want time away from him??!!

Congratulations! Sounds fabulous!

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