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I once took my car in for a service to Hyundai. When I got it back, it leaked oil all over the garage floor. So I took it back to them and they said I needed to have the engine skimmed (whatever that means) at some astronomical price. Took it for a (free) second opinion to the AA - the oil plug had not been replaced during the service. Nothing wrong with the engine. Hyundai didn't even RESPOND to my complaint! Feckers.

Fast forward a few years, took my VW to be serviced, it was making a *funny* noise. Took it back to them three times, and eventually they also quoted me an astronomical price (many thousands of rands) to have some fan motor somewhere replaced. Second opinion - the guy climbed under the dashboard of the passenger seat and removed a leaf. Noise gone.

I no longer take my car to dealerships to be serviced, get much better value for money elsewhere!

I had a similar experience at the same dealership on the same day...... I actually saw your name on the list just above mine and wondered if you had bad service as well. Grant has also phoned me and the car is going back on Monday.... Not sure if it was a good thing as they really got me at the wrong time...... Why bother keeping up with technology and doing an online booking and they ignore everything that you requested them to do.

you go on a romantic weekend and you're blogging??

Well, I know plenty of experienced surrogates looking for a new match.. but alas, the're all in the states! If I weren't officially medically retired I'd fly on over in a heartbeat! Good luck to you!

Fantastic Site..sounds great.Keep them coming because u have a fan here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGszA07PqVs I was just searching for a similar topic on blog and i am here now.. Glad to visit ur blog.. Keep up the gud work..

Ahhh...I loved being pregnant...was very good at it...had none of those unpleasant side effects that often come with that condition. Sadly am too old for that nonsense anymore *sigh*

I write letters too! Complaint and compliment and I am always impressed with a proper response.

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