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I hope you have a safe and relaxed vacation. Good for you for taking the time for yourself, without work.Now, will you stick to it if you have internet access??

Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

I am sorry, but that mobile medicine cabinet made me laugh out loud. I also take some children's motrin, some allergy medicine and a packet of immodium and one small packet of advil and my daughter's inhaler when I travel with my kids, but good grief how long does this vacation last that you need two bottles of dimetapp? My medicines fit into a small cosmetics bag and I have a child with severe asthma and a husband recovering from colon cancer. You are too funny. Analtyns is too right. Have a good time!

I'm like you on the preparation! I even restock my car-sized first aid kit (the big one stays at home) if I'm driving somewhere!

Well-stocked first-aid kit!! We could have done with that while we were on holiday, everyone got sick!! We drove up to Natal in a very, very small car so had to take the bare minimum, never again!!! Though Mitchell was quite a good traveller. And that road between East London and Kokstad!! We'll give that a skip next time, thanks!

Please give us a full update on your holiday! I suppose you have a lot of catching up to do now that you're back, so even a brief update will do!

The Analtyns are going on vacation to Umngazi next week.Up until about a year ago, we never went away on holiday. It has been a holiday in Paradise.

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