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You are so funny! I only have one child, so a little easier! I have a A3 flip file that I put the decent, worth keeping, oh my word, I love it art! Sarah also has a wall in her playroom called "My wall of art" and current work goes up there and then either into the file or into file 13. Another thing I do is take pics of the art, MUCH easier than scanning it and can be made into a photo book ONE DAY! xxx

We used to save everything but last year went through it all (4 kids x many school years = lots of work). We had a scanning shop scan the best of it and made it into a book and then chucked it all. Best part is that I could make multiple copies of the book, so all the kids and each of the grandparents can have one. And no more clutter!

OH do I feel your pain about *stuff* that makes its way onto my desk. I get quite loud about my displeasure, as soon as the kids begin approaching with something in their hands, I'm like, "LEAVE THAT THERE, DON'T BRING IT TO MY DESK. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ON MY DESK, THIS IS MY WORK STUFF!!!" I'm really nice, you can tell huh?


Also file in File 13 - unless it is WONDERFUL! Seriously - a few pages every day, for - what - like, 6 or 8 years...........who can store all that?

I like the scanning idea - think I may do that!

Those kids artwork are Cool one!!Would definitely be interested in the pattern.:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diKj68Rb_xk Crochet is actually good for mental health and a good hobby too..I really surprised to go with Ur blog...

I'm seriously considering the scanning option - 3 boxes of art work not to mention the walls covered.......

The scanning idea is a great one! The other day I was wondering what happened to my Teen's art work. She used to do all her stick fingers with flower fingers, and now I can't find any of those precious pictures...

Just take a picture of Adam's Tree, then it can be preserved for All Eternity, but you can still chuck the original (without guilt!).


If you're going to hell for this, I'll see you there. I'm notorious for "accidentally" tossing my kids' reams of drawings into the recycle bin when they're not looking. Can't tell you how many times they've fished their stuff out of there. I just tell them I'm a scatterbrained ninny and apologize. And then keep doing it. They don't *always* find what I've tossed. ;)

We've been photo-saving my daughters creations for a while now, she's one of those little ladies that will draw ten or twenty masterpieces every day, and I just can't store them. I pick my fave, put it on the fridge, take a picture of the rest and toss them. She hasn't caught on yet, I think the slideshow on my PC of her work helps with that...

I agree with the others! My kids are in daycare, and I literally bring home at least 4 new pieces of art per day. I am of the "choose the best and chuck the rest" variety, and I don't feel bad about it (except when caught by my four year old.....) ;-)

I do the same - throw them out. Some I photograph. But I am going to try and be a good mommy and make a scrapbook of the best ones. Not those fancy scrapbooks that other people than I make, but truly one of those CNA big book that says scrapbook on the outside and you just past the stuff in.

J-Lo has proved herself to be a wonderful judge offering up thoughtful and caring feedback week after week. Lopez does this with a great fashion flair and ever changing appearance. What can I say, I've become a fan of Jenny from the Block.

J-Lo's husband Marc Anthony had a significant impact on all the performers spending time - behind the scenes - helping them adjust their "in ears" monitors. A singer not hearing themselves will be "pitchy" - this season almost everyone sings in key. Better singers? No, just a better focus on performance and input from pros like Anthony.

In fact, almost all the performances in

ok - so now my 'kid' is 29 years old. I think I have maybe 1 or 2 things that she did. Didn't have computers and scanners back then; I just tossed most everything. Guess what - I don't miss having those things at all! AND - the child is not, repeat is NOT, traumatized that I do not have every little thing that she ever created.

I am not really into keepsakes; I have my memories. (I don't think I have her old report cards either.)

Color me 'bad mommy'.

Scan ones that mean something to them, are different from previous things (evolution in their skills), or that you find amusing, sweet, or that someone who can be an arbiter of such emotions (LOL) like Rose thinks is worth doing.

Take simple photos of a sampling of the others.

At some point, you can decide whether to make a photo book for each of them, showing their masterpieces to them when they'll appreciate that certainly you couldn't keep all of their DIVINE work. ;)

What I would do for a study *sigh*..... As for the artwork - keep stacking the stuff - can't help myself....

So, um, eons ago, Boulder asked us to send you scrapbook pages for a memory book for the twins, telling us who we were and where we lived, etc.
Did you throw those out?
No sweat. Please tell. I put hours into mine. We just didn't know how you felt about this.

i save them in bulk and then send them home to the doting grannIE who lives across the other side of the pacific ocean from us. she loves it, and it completely frees me of guilt (its not MY fault if the grannIE doesn't take good care of it now, is it???)

Guess now it's all about scanning them down to files and storing them....boring!! My partner is all techy and says scan it...Not my kinda of way. Sorted the bedroom walls with all the art work ;)

Don't fret, that's a wide-spread phenomenon. *g*

PS: I'm a chucker too. ^^

I put hours into mine. We just didn't know how you felt about this.

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