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LOL! I think I came in a miserable 2nd after you in the fail category :( I got sick 3 days into the challenge and managed to do a sum total of 4 workouts...
On the plus side, I really enjoyed those workouts, I enjoyed being able to do them in my own home, in my pj's (dont judge me!) and being able to swear to my hearts content :)

Mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa... If you could get points for being "old", tart, then I would have had to get extra points for being huge! I think I got pitted against the hottest mommy bloggers they could find on the interwebs!!

Done--websites visited, feedback read, X-Box purchased. Where's my picture?!!!!

Who won?

Yeah who won?

Is the kinect really as much fun as everyone says?

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