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Joys of parenting and holidaying with kidlets.

We're off to umngazi in July. Cannot wait. Fantastic place where you can loaf and let others care for your kidlets. Marvellous idea.

You should try Morgan Bay Hotel. http://morgan-bay-hotel.co.za/

Also completely divine.

Marko cracks me up. So, sorry about your back. Mine goes out all the time and it hurts like hell!

It isn't a vacation for our clan if someone doesn't run a fever or puke. Thankfully, mine have finally figured out to tell me more than 1/2 second before puking in the car! FINALLY!!

This kind of thing happens to us too, whenever we go away. Clearly, the universe also hates us. :-)

It looks fabulous! Sorry to hear about the back (and Marko)! ;-) Hope the rest is all good!

If you come across a beautiful wooden bench with some stones underneath it at Umngazi then you would have found were my uncles ashes were scattered. He was brutally murdered in 2009.

It seems like we should get our husbands together, they sound very much alike from the anal-ness (is that a word?) to the grumpiness/woe is me/everyone hates me attitude when things go wrong!!

On the other hand, maybe it's best they never meet!!!

Family outings can be trying. I generally stick close to home - find holidays exhausting! Hope your back gets better soon!

Yeah right! Fabulous place. Hope i can be there too.

Looks like ur kid had a great time,I prefer his dance compared to his siblings...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bDNMuA795U this is absolutely awesome,Thanks for the video!!!wish my kids are still toddlers...Heart loving Post...

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