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I would have paid the bill, minus the charge for the sauce. And obv no tip. I always check my bill. The owner should have deducted the charge just out of graciousness for crying out loud. I would never go back.

I think it's shocking - as I said on FB.

I've never heard of being charged for condiments - upper class establishment or not.

Thanks for the heads up on this - can spread teh word that this little Patisserie is one to be avoided, also because of the assholish behaviour of the owner.

RIP OFF!! Can't believe that! Actually is shocking!! Not sure I'd go back. x

My word that's a rip off!! Can't believe he charges for a spot of sauce! It's not like you're going to use the whole bottle!

I wouldn't even go back there...
His attitude alone would have put me off.
Paul was once charged R2 or so (cant remember which restaurant) because he asked to swap the marmalade for a strawberry jam. Those little jams that come in a plastic tub with a peel off top and barely cover your toast... He didn't even use the marmalade, it was a straight swap!

Shocker. Never go back there again. And you absolutely are a hero for taking it up for the manager, and he is a grade A asshole.

Besides the ridiculousness of charging for sauce, its the owner's attitude that gets me. We took the kids to Spur last week and the waitress' attitude was shocking, so we mentioned it to the manager. He was so appreciative of the feedback, and even gave us R100 voucher as compensation. We will definitely go back again.

Rip off! Both the sauce and the attitude. I don't know what R2 is in English money, but regardless, I would not be frequenting that particular establishment again.

I sat with my mouth hanging open.

1) charging for sauce is rubbish
2) once you speak about it, it is ABSOLUTE rubbish to not at the very least take it off the bill

Interestingly, we were charged for butter in Thailand at one restaurant. The bread was on the table but then they charged for the butter when we asked. Even more interesting, it was about R2 :)

I also made a big issue (don't put the bread out if you want to make money off the darn butter!) but they didn't budge... and we didn't go back.

P.S. you have b*lls to out him like this :)

I agree he is a doos. Good for you for speaking up. I would not go back.

Yes I have. In England it is not unusual to be charged for condiment packets. We thought it was quite ridiculous as well.

I can't believe that business owners think they can get away with that kind of attitude in this economy. He must be struggling and trying to save his business, but I'm afraid alienating your customers is not the way to go.

In England it's quite common. 5p per ketchup packet at McDonalds.

Haha, that's pretty awful!

On a similar note, my gran was charged for butter and jam respectively at a not too cheap establishment.
I was charged for the starter bread at a pretty decent restaurant.

We have never gone back to either restaurant even though the original transgression was towards my gran. People can be so stupid when it comes to pricing. Greed doesn't pay.

I actually don't have much of a problem with establishments charging whatever the heck they feel like charging for their products, but they should be OPEN and STRAIGHTFORWARD about it. I.e., if the server asks you, "would you like _________ with your meal?" the unspoken assumption is that it is included in the price of the meal. Otherwise, they should warn you then and there that you will be charged. I have never been charged for condiments, but I have been charged for beverage refills (after a sever asked, unprompted by me, if I would like a "refill" on my drink--not, mind you "another drink" which would indicate that I would be paying for it). I was also pissed, and I also did not return to that restaurant.

so, what would happen if you ordered R48 of food and only ate half of what was on the plate? you didn't eat (use( it, so why would you have to pay for it? hey restaurant guy, time for tertia to go bye-bye! after reading the post i decided that THAT was the reason you always found it so quiet - because he has killed off his customer base.

Sorry folks, but although I think it's a silly idea - he obviously has his reasons/logic around this and since it's his place he can do as he chooses. You either like the deal or you don't! I would prefer to reserve my right to offer my services my way and let people take it or leave it on my terms, than dance to any tune of a customer. I wouldn't lose all the benefit I got from a place I liked, over R2,00 - principles aren't that worth it to me. But I would take it off my tip :)

Don't take it off the tip! It's not the server's fault, and that's the the only person you're hurting by not tipping. I personally wouldn't go back. He clearly sees nothing wrong with the policy, if you don't agree with it I certainly wouldn't give him one more chance to tick me off.

I think it's absurd. At a cheapo place it would still be funny, but more reasonable, but at a classy restaurant, it's ridiculous to "nickle & dime" (American expression--probably not relevant in SA) you like that. I think I'd take my business elsewhere also.

I would be more understanding if they mention the charge upfront, not sneak it in afterward. Still not all right if I am paying an arm and a leg for the food. I wouldn't mind so much if it is a small business, because people can be very wasteful and taking 3 only use 1 could cost a small business a lot of a money in the long run. I will not go back to this place if I were you.

This should be clear up front so that you have the option of using or not using the sauce. Or of bringing your own (yes, I've done it, but with syrup, not HP sauce[which I've never had but heard my Irish BIL talk about], because I don't like maple, but fruit-flavored syrups).

You mentioned it's quiet in there, i.e., no patrons, you'd think he'd want to encourage repeat visitors and take the R2 (however much that is) OFF the bill THIS TIME, but let you know in the future blah blah blah.

What a d*ck.

I wouldn't go back.

Next time, bring your own HP sauce and use it in front of them! I get a chuckle just imagining that.

I love the picture of Max. And I would have been annoyed as well. I have never, ever heard of being charged for condiments. Unless it's an actual sauce that they make for you eg. cheese or mushroom sauce.
The manager has bad attitude though and I'm curious to see what will happen when you go back there.

That is a very short sighted biz plan on his part, nor does it sound like he values your business.

I can't imagine it will be comfortable to eat there any longer, you are going to feel used - or if you bring your own sauce, it is going to turn into a scoring match. But perhaps not.

Because it isn't about the money, really. It is about how you are made to feel. You don't go out to eat to be made to feel like a sucker.

Thanks for telling us. I think he needs to be taught some manners and the only way is a boycott

At Wimpy and Spur (even though the breakfast is cheap-er) they don't charge for condiments....

Funny, I had a similar experience just last week, when a shop wouldn't give me a paper bag instead of plastic:

Restaurants and shops have a right to make their own policies -- and we as consumers have a right to take our business elsewhere. Viva free enterprise!

Agree with you, Tertia. And it's especially galling that he didn't compromise with you, or take it off your bill. Didn't he ever hear of the phrase "the customer is always right"? Perhaps he needs to be educated by your absence.

In 99.99999% of restaurants, condiments are understood to be complimentary. I think it's not a good public relations idea to start charging for them. I once went to a restaurant where they charged extra for water (!), and a diner where our gang ate lunch started charging for a second cup of coffee. One member of the group said he wanted a complete clean cup and saucer and spoon if he was going to be charged. Felt they lost customers with these policies ... It's better to at least give the illusion of generosity in the hospitality industry, I'd think ...

My husband and I once went there for breakfast with our triplets - the menu has nothing on it that was suitable for the kids and unfortunately all the other restaurants nearby were full. We asked if they could just do a simple scrambled egg and toast for the kids, the feedback from the manager was "we don't do kids". We got up and left and never went back.

Easy solution to this - take your own sauce in your handbag next time and add it shielded by one of their lovely napkins...sorted! As a Scot, I am obviously appalled by this condiment-charging nonsense!

Absolutely agree with the rest ... certainly the owner's right to charge for his services/wares however he chooses, and yours not to frequent the business. I'd do the latter, forthwith. Yuck!

Tertia, he does not even put butter on his toast. When I had the mushrooms on toast (veggie option, of course) there the other morning, I struggled to chew the dry offerings. Dry toast with shrivelled dry mushrooms.......yuck! I will not be going back there soon......no matter how nice the napkins!

SHOCKING!! I think you should forward him the feed back from your blog. Sounds like he does not deserve to have you as a regular customer or anyone else for that matter.

We once had dinner at a restaurant in Durbanville and afterwards they brought around a box of chocolates. Silly us didn't read the fine print on the box and all thought it was instead of after-dinner mints so all helped ourselves. Imagine our surprise when the bill came and it was R7 per chocolate!!

By the way, my husband is opening a coffee shop in Century City soon. I'll send you the details and tell him to let you work in peace!!

PS: Love the pic of Max!


Well done for naming and shaming the assclown, I certainly won't be darkening his door :o)

PS: Love Melodie's suggestion that next time you should take your own sauce, but then that begs the question:
Is their such a thing as "corkage" on HP Sauce?

I would go back and make a big production out of taking the sauce out of my purse. I think this is an example of being 'penny wise & pound foolish'...not very customer-friendly on the owner's side.

No...don't stiff the waiter/waitress...it is not her fault. She is only doing her job.

yes yes YES - please go back one more time, take your own sauce, and your camera, and then let us see/hear the results. especially take a photo of his face when you whip the (family size) bottle out of your purse and dramatically place it on the table. what can he do? what a douche bag.

I agree, it's a total rip-off. I think next time you should bring in a bottle of your own HP sauce and blatantly set it on the table after you order so it's sitting there when your food is delivered. Your turn to be ridiculous!

Never ever punish the server for the actions of the Owner. That is JUST AS RUDE as the Owner is for his attitude.

I wouldn't go back myself.

Tertia, you crack me up!

I have never heard of HP Sauce. Tertia has once again taught me something new. And it seems ridiculous to charge you for condiments.

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Nothing wrong with an extra charge here and there if the food, service and ambiance is outstanding. By that I mean really outstanding. Having said that - I don't think your loyalty as a patron is being appreciated. Go forth and find a new place of peace - the dude has messed with your equanimity!

Haven't read the other posts so don't know if someone else has suggested this. But here is what i'd do. I'd go there again and order per normal and make sure he watches you as you take out your OWN hp sauce from your bag and use that. Then see if he charges you. If he does then cause a scene and walk out without paying the bill. You have nothing to loose and stand a chance of winning a free breakfast!!!

No, you're not crazy. I refused to pay 5 Kenyan shillings for a takeaway plate after I had purchased a piece of cake that cost 180 shillings.

I would take my own sauce next time, as other have suggested. I wouldn't hide it either. I'd take it out of my bag and say, "At R2 a pop, I brought my own." when they ask if you'd like sauce.

R48 is AUD $6.91 (same as USD) for us, not bad for a meal . Would be 3 times as much
in Australia, but I agree he shouldn't charge extra for sauce.

I've never heard of that kind of thing happening before. I think the owner is taking a chance and suckering those consumers who either don't check their bills, or are too scared to speak up. Seems like a cowboy. If that happened to me, I would kick up a fuss (as you've already done) and not return. He IS in the service industry afterall, and I can't quite believe that the thoughts and opinions of the customer (who are ultimately paying his salary) can be treated with such disdain.

I think it's a disgrace. Last year I was charged for a glass of tap water at a restaurant in ladismith - Kanna Kombuis. I won't be back. I wrote a blog about my experience: http://jancerjancer.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/troubled-water-in-ladismith/

Practice safe eating - always use condiments :)

In China we had to pay for napkins. We tried to refuse them, but our two year old was making a mess, so they put them on the table and added it to our bill. I never say yes to, "Would you like ____ with that," because I was a waitress and we were taught to throw that in there without mentioning in cost more. Maybe if I ate at nicer restaurants I would expect more. . . I recently ate at a popular American chain restaurant where the margaritas were listed on the menu without the price! That one bothered me.

I totally agree with you! I would be beyond irritated!
Have you been back there?

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