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T is sethe preview picture looks cute but the video is set to private and won't play.

You've got it on private setting you arsehole!

Max and my son, Jacob, are just about the same age and we recently resurrected the Wiggles DVDs, too! Fabulous babysitter!! I just can't get the darned songs out of my head!! His 9 year old brother can't stand to watch, but his 5 year old sister dances along!

is that the infamous couch?

Adorable! I love how Max is trying to keep up with his older siblings. So cute!

Don't ever believe your older kiddos when they say they are "too old or too cool" to play with a younger siblings toys or watch their movies. My almost 14 year old boy still has fun fiddling or putzing around with his little (3 1/2 yrs) sister's things. I love finding him in sweet moments with his sister...and then reality hits and she smacks him in the face for no reason =) Too cute, love hearing their little voices Tertia!

I LOVE when my older boys play/dance/giggle with their (2 yr. old) little sister (they are 10, 7 & 7). It is just about the BEST thing in the world to watch!

Adorable. :)

This was way to cute. The only way to improve it was if Rose had jumped up and started dancing instead of scooting off camera :-)

Looks like Max had a great time. I prefer his dance compared to his siblings.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpV5bFP657I But everyone together looks like a special moment. Thanks for the video, wish my kids are still toddlers.

Absolutely darling! Boo for Rose running off! LOL

National Delurking Day! I never ever comment so I thought I'd say hi and tell you how much your blog means to me. On days you don't post, I miss you guys! I occasionally run into you or the kids in Durbanville and it always makes my day.

Gotta love the monkey dance. Very sweet indeed. I love how kids dance, it is so honest, they just feel it.

If you do your homework before hiring a professional organizer, you will know exactly what to expect from him and he knows exactly.

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