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Happy birthday Adam & Kate!

Pictures? Happy Birthday, Adam & Kate! Be kind to your Mommy; she's exhausted!

Happy Birthday Adam and Kate!

You baked a cake??? Happy birthday Kate and Adam!

Ha! Same recipe? Meaning you bought it a Woolies (is that the right store?), right?

Happy birthday, Adam & Kate. Your mommy loves you muches, she is just an ass****.

Happy Birthday!!!! Time goes by so fast!

I refuse to believe that your babies are 6 already. It's simply impossible. They.were.just.born.

Nice cake. Thank goodness you still have that EasyBake Oven for just such occasions.

Happy birthday Kate and Adam. My Princess turns 6 tomorrow. BTW we are going to put her lovvy (the same one yours had - remember us?) away in her memory box tomorrow in a little ceremony. I can live in hope - we have one left and it is barely a piece of anything.

Happy Birthday Adam & Kate! Was Max too busy to swim? I'd have assigned Marko to be his swimming buddy! That's just how I think, though.

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