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What is a tuck shop? I assume it is a kid/school thing - and Hooray that you can work there! I've been reading since before Kate and Adam so I am thrilled that you are here!

And don't forget to tell us about your parents. My dad recently went on vacation and was involved in a road rage incident where the man chased him down (he did get away but WTH? I have to worry about my dad brawling now?)

what is a tuck shop?


Wait, you're working in a school snack shop?

What's a tuc...oops, thanks, Orange, for the link to what a tuck shop is.

Stupid Americans...

I'm curious about something - I keep seeing pictures of Kate without a shirt on, and that is just something that is never done where I am from (the southern sates of America). Is this just a cultural difference, or is this unique to your family since she is a twin of a boy? Please don't think I'm judging - I realize her chest looks no different from Adam's at this point. It just catches me of guard every time to see a young girl with no shirt.

I think it's probably just a hot climate thing Lisa ;) It's not uncommon in Australia either. I can clearly remember the day I suddenly felt strange about going shirtless. I was 6, and I have no idea what changed but suddenly I felt the need to wear a t-shirt!

So now you are the Queen of Everything and Toilet Paper. And Class Captain :P

This post made me grin. Yes, Tannie T, you are a mom, who has tuckshop duty. Having read you from day 1, this makes me smilecryhappy.

Big love. X

Of course you are the queen of TP. If you ran out wilst in the bathroom, you might have to actually let Marko know you poop!

(Hope I'm not posting this twice--my comment box magically disappeared.)

Anyway ... I do the same thing. When my husband and I were dating, the first time he opened up my hall closet to hang up his coat, he saw my TP stash and wondered if I had some kind of medical problem. He didn't tell me this at the time. And when my mother's best friend died unexpectedly a few years ago, her children got a much-needed laugh when they discovered all the places in the house where she'd stockpiled light bulbs. That, apparently, was her NRO obsession. Don't we all have them???

How can you call yourself OCD if you MIX tp brands? Your willy nilly different tp varieties, of DIFFERENT SIZES, STACKED DIFFERENTLY in your cupboard gives me HIVES! I accuse you of being NORMAL!

Kids are so cute! I'm having severe issues with Zack. I need to speak to you, I am at my wit's end. Sms me when you can chat.

Hear! Hear! Re: Kate and Kristin's teacher.....what a super lady *Yay*

Although AH Belo population has recovered since last year, still not very popular among investors. As noted during the third quarter conference call.

You certainly are very lucky!

My mother has been giving me grey hairs for quite a number of years. She can't stay.

I am so very happy for you :)

There will always be tensions between principle and expediency!

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