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Too true Tertia! Have fun anyway.

Enjoy. Sand up your bum and suncream in your eyes is not THAT bad!! :-)

It's the bag packing I can't stand. I hear you: 50 bags of 100s of things. And of course you'll forget that one thing they wanted. Sigh.
Enjoy the holiday. x

Hehe love the disclaimers at the end. enjoy the break

Ditto all of it! x Cal

I just came back from a camping weekend away for 4 days. I need a holiday now to receover!!

See!! I can't even spell anymore, I meant 'recover'.

Suncreen in eyes, sand in bum - love it! Have a wonderful Christams with your kids and Marko.

Enjoy! ;-)
Another urban legend "Mothers on holiday"

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