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Happy belated birthday. I turned 42 3 months ago, and hear you on the physical aging thing. Though I blame it all on twin parenthood, not chronology.

Wow - A&K are already going to be 6 - time really does fly doesn't it! My birthday was Monday and I think I am feeling older this time - could be because I'm now a mom. I think that could be it!

Call the parenting police on me b/c our 4 year old still has her binkie/paci. And speaking of age, I can really tell that this pregnancy I'm 4 years older. WOW. BTW complete surprise to be pregnant. To many IVF's to count, ok only 6, adopted our beautiful son who will be SIX next week!! and then pregnant with 20 months b/w the two and low and behold here i am again ready to deliver any day. Oh yes of course i remember the 'just adopt and you'll get pregnant' but i've shut most of those people up with really?? I realized i just needed to have SEX to get pregnant.
Enjoy your blog for many years even if they have become more infrequent still fun to read when you post!

Wow, a mere 42, huh? I remember those days. Wait until you are staring down 45 (as I will be in May!).

Sparkly shoes are great...sorry yours were uncomfortable! That is why I advocate sparkly flip-flops! Like these --> http://www.funfeet.com/ (which I hope you can access from there).

I have to admit what a typical American I am that I couldn't wrap my mind around that school is over for them now. Like DUH there is a thing called the equator, and um, people live below it.

So school is feb-dec? Here it is September-June. I think it would be really wonderful to have a summer Christmas. Though that would put my husband and kids' birthdays (June) and mine (august) in winter. No way!

Your children are gorgeous!!!

Kate is wearing my daughter's dress! I miss that dress. Should have got it in all sizes :)

Ava is about 2 weeks younger than Max I think (she's 18 months today) and she still uses a bottle. Don't ever worry about dummies - Zoe "gave" hers away at 2 just before Ava arrived and guess what, she started sucking her thumb once Ava arrived. Not great at all, she only does it when she's sleeping or holding her taglet but still. Ava absolutely refused a dummy, I tried and tried and tried but it was just spat out and guess what, she's also a thumb-sucker!!! Also only when she sleeps but talk about a tough situation, she even has a corn-like thing on her thumb from all the sucking, how gross is that!!! Will have to start painting that vile stuff on their nails, but they both sleep like such champs that I'm terrified to do anything to disrupt their sleeping.

I could never be bothered to make my kids give up dummies or bottles. They just decided themselves when it was time ! I was far too lazy x They are now grown and perfectly well adjusted. (Hang on, gotta make a bottle for my 22 yr old son) Ha!

Poor you, six weeks of holidays! Arghh. I hated those times. Are you going away this year?


This is why I read you tertia! Its for posts like this that make me laugh out loud. I love how full of life you are and the updates ont eh fam. The last line bout hubster is my favorite!

Don't feel bad about the binkies. With my oldest, I finally had the "binky fairy" come and take it away when he was about 4 1/2.

This sounds so familiar! At 42 I suddenly have knee problems and my hands and elbows keep paining(could be from the computer though) and I am really battling to get rid of the baby weight.
Mitchell is now 16 months and also had to be a little toughie. He bullies B who is 12 now! Glad I am not the only one not in a hurry to phase out the bottles and dummies, though he is not that keen on the dummy anymore.

PS:(unashamed hussying for votes to follow) Please vote for Mitchell to win the Calora baby competition. He is so gorgeous I just can't resist entering him, but as a voting competition it relies on people voting for him. I sent you an email but, you know, I don't have as many connections online as many of the moms entering so, I'm sorry T, I'm using your blog comments. At least I am not like Canada Drugs above with their arb message!! Vote on http://www.calora.co.za/competition/mitchellmeiring. (You can vote every day too!!)

Great to hear the update. Congrats for your 2 that are moving onto 'big school'.
If you struggle with Max and his terrible toddler phase have a look at this link. http://www.temper-tantrums.com/
Good luck with this phase and hope it doesnt last too long!

Great update. Thank you! Am starting to feel the age thing kick in too... Who knew? Your children are adorable - love the pic of Adam & Kate - he looks so caring, holding her like that. Long may it last!

Oh my god, you've described my aging process perfectly! I swear, my facial wrinkles were in the discreet and barely noticeable category until my second child was born. In the past year and a half (she's a month younger than Max), I swear I have aged 10 years. I actually went out and bought some anti-wrinkle night-cream stuff--$18US for a little 3 oz bottle. I have succumbed!!! Ahhhhh! But Botox? No way. I want to be able to move my facial muscles! :-)

Glad to have you back!

I'm feeling your pain on the 18-month-old independant streak with our twin boys. Boy can they be stubborn about wanting their own way.

I love this wonderful article. Always the youngest is indeed the hardest cookie.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bDNMuA795U I always dread holidays. My hands'll always be full. With everyone around. i'm glad you enjoy it. Your kids look cute.

You have to post here the very good post. Thanks for sharing with us. I like this post.

Enjoy 42. 47 sucks!

I know you know this but I'm telling ya anyway. Your children are gorgeous!

Man, I know what you mean about aging all the sudden - the timing of this post couldn't be better in fact. I got a glimpse of myself yesterday and it scared me. My face had suddenly changed, had WAY more wrinkles, and looks much older. So weird. My guess is that it all looks the same to you until one-too-many changes happens and then WHAM! your mind catches up and does a reassessment of your face/body. :) My mind did a WTF? I'm sure of it. :)

About the shoes... I've had the same issue with not being able to go back to regular shoes. I've worn Clarks and/or Liz Claiborne sandles for so long that my feet refuse to allow me to wear anything that remotely encases them. I can't wear anything that has a back that comes up over my heal. It kinda sucks when I simply HAVE TO. Ugh. Blisters and all that nonsense ensue. Blegh.

i still read your blog :) been reading for hmm 6 yrs!

I still read your blog, too! Your kids are adorable, and a great excuse to not blog!

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