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You have no idea just how bloody lucky you are!

You are so lucky! My MIL is so bad that she sometimes forgets that she is not the mother of my oldest son (who happens to be the spitting image of my husband at that age).

I also have a fantastic mother-in-law. We are lucky women!

What a great tribute in true Tertia style. I have to say that mine is great too.

Well my MIL finally approves of her other DIL after about 12 YEARS of ass kissing. So I guess if I start ass kissing now she may approve of me in a little over a decade!! Allllright! Kiss your fabulous MIL for me. It really does make life hard when you have to make it work with a TRUELY difficult person.

You are lucky! I am also lucky that I have good mother-in-law. ^_^

I also have a really very good Mother in law. Thank You God for this. Great Post.

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