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He may be tough, busy, destructive, naughty, etc. But he sure is gorgeous and I am sure no matter what he does, that love grows more by the day :) Congrats Tertia, you have an amazing little boy and he is just too adorable......of course, your twins are awesome too :)

Love him!

My step-son jordan is the same age and he's EXHAUSTING! you can't take your eyes off him for more than a minute without some form of chaos and destruction ensuing! it is a super cute age tho, especially with the afrikaans/english/toddler mix he's babbling in :-)

That last photo is too cute for words :-)

Loving those beautiful eyes! Mischief all over them!

Ooh sounds naughty but he is totally gorgeous though. Bet you have already forgiven him.


And I love this stage too - MUCH better than the newborn stage, isn't it?

Do you call yourself aged? I would never ;-)
Max is adorable! Those blue eyes!!
I think boys are also more busy than girls?

I only WISH I were your age when my son was 18 months...slacker! Add 10 years to your age & parent a toddler...

(totally worth it, though...)

I suppose he will enjoy "Where the Wild Things Are" ;)

My son is also very "spirited," as they call them. I'm hoping it's part of the phase. Since he's my only, all I can do is hope that it will pass. I don't have any other points of reference.

He is super cute! I still remember my son at 18 months - he is now 15. He coloured himself in with my lipstick, shoe polish, unpacked any cupboard that he could access. Then we had the bad idea to holiday in my sister (who is childless) house - oh. my. word. Major damage to her ornaments. Luckily she adores him, so forgave the destruction. Lovely age, but bloody tiring for sure. Enjoy him, my laatlammetjie would have been 3 this year. Sometimes I think someone up there knew I would not be up to it, so he got called back to heaven at 38 weeks.

Adorable...Edible....God Bless.

He is beautiful, your little heart patch. x

There's a reason for that! We tend to be way overly protective with our first (and in your case first and second). We learn they can't be broken and are pretty resilent and tend to ease of with subsiquent kids. Thus the diving off the cupboards - cause you know he'll be ok! My friends says "We screw up our first kids!" I certainly did- she's very type A, anal, perfectionist. My 2nd doesn't give 2 hoots about anything! He'll be better off in the long run.

i hear ya. a mad three year old when you are almost 50 is also a killer. oy vey.
but, seriously, you need to get that boy into rugby. he would be a perfect front row-er in the SA team when the world cup comes up in the 2020's.

He is dam cute and iam sure that everyone loves him a lot..Hope he is very naughty too..Congrats Tertia, you have an amazing little boy and he is just too Loveable......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQVTXSgd2Cg lucky to have him...

I hear your pain, woman... I am exhausted!!
(what with throwing away things all the time and running away from me, this child of mine!)
Oh well, totally worth it anyway.

cute eyes ! i love him so inpress...wonderful baby!.

He is cute and very naughty indeed.

Don't know the author wrote this article in the first place is what, but I'd agree with your views

I hear ya, Sistah! (Beth, age 50, w. daughter the same exact age...)

I am with you there! It is just as well they are so cute at this age. Makes you think twice when you want to kill them for the tantrums, destructive behaviour etc

I'm sure he gets things done with those big eyes.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th7hEvqX7CU He looks adorable and i remember the time i spent with my baby brother.Running behind him and making sure everything is ok. But they look really cute then.

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BabyFirstTV COMPLETELY understands! Chasing after toddlers is NO easy task for the faint of heart! We love your brutally honest posts about Motherhood -very refreshing and helpful to ALL Moms!

He is so cute. Im sure he gets away with murder.

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